America Betrayed Live: Mr. Russell Pearce ~ AZ State Senator

Our First Hour Guest: Tonight’s first guest: Mr. Russell Pearce ~ Arizona State Senator

He was the Sponsor of SB 1070, Now Faces Recall Election

Sen. Russell Pearce appeared at a news conference to announce the state’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to put some of the most controversial parts of an immigration enforcement law on hold, is facing a recall election. Russell Pearce whi is the sponsor of the controversial SB 1070 law that sparked a new flash point in the country’s immigration debate, is facing a recall election in his district in Arizona. Critics of the legislator filed petitions Tuesday. The requirement to do so is 7,756 voter signatures from the Mesa

Republican’s legislative district. Recall proponents say they filed petitions bearing 18,315 signatures. But campaign chairman Chad Snow acknowledged thousands of those might be duplicates or signatures of people who live outside the Senate President’s district.”We want those extra petition signatures to send a message,” Snow said. “We want to send a message to Sen. Pearce, to every legislator down here at the Arizona Legislature that this kind of extreme, ideologically driven policies will no longer be tolerated in our state.”

Officials say it could take until August to determine whether the petitions meet requirements. Pearce is best known for sponsoring immigration measures including the 2010 enforcement law known as SB1070. A judge has placed key provisions of that measure on hold while they’re challenged in court.

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