America Betrayed ~ Live: Gun Control! ~ The Newtown School And Aurora Col. Theater Shootings

by John Clark

John Clark Host ~ Tuesday 1/08/13 – 9 pm ET – 6 pm PT.  Be There Or Be Unaware!
Guest: Don Pedro Colley

This Will Be The First Of A Two Show Series

An important topic to the survival of this nation, your family and the survival of our American way of life

The Newtown School And Arora Theater Shootings:

Strange: Can the following be as suspicious as it smells?

1. The father of Newtown Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza is Peter Lanza, a VP and Tax Director at GE Financial.

2. The father of Aurora Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes is Robert Holmes, the lead scientist for the credit score company FICO.

3. Both men were experts who were recently involved in setting international interest rates

4. Both men were to testify before the US Senate in the ongoing *LIBOR scandal.

Does a coincidence like that just happen???

*The London Interbank Offered Rate, known as “Libor”, is the average interest rate at which banks can borrow from each other. Sixteen international banks have been implicated in this ongoing scandal, accused of rigging contracts worth
trillions of dollars. HSBC has already been fined $1.9 billion and three of their low level traders arrested.

Tuesday Night Guest

Mr. Don Pedro Colley

Actor featured in many of your favorite films!
Such as: THX 1138 (1971) • Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970)
Sugar Hill (1974) • Herbie Rides Again (1974) and many more…

Piranha (1995) – (TV) Leonard Cagney Lacey: The Return (1994) – (TV) Virgil
Quest of the Delta Knights (1993) – Black Spy Blue Iguana, The (1988) – Boat Captain
Dukes of Hazzard, The (1979) – (TV Series) Sheriff Ed Little (Chickasaw County) (1981-1984) Casino (1980) – (TV) Sam Herbie Rides Again (1974) Sugar Hill (1974) – Baron Samedi aka Voodoo Girl (1974) aka Zombies of Sugar Hill, The (1974) Black Caesar (1973) – Crawdaddy aka Godfather of Harlem, The (1973) World’s Greatest Athlete, The (1973) Legend of Nigger Charley, The (1972) – Joshua Crosscurrent (1971) (TV) –
Freddie Trench aka Cable Car Murder, The (1971) (TV) Believe in Me (1971) – Man
Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970) – Ongaro aka Planet of the Apes Revisited (1970) (USA) aka Planet of the Men (1970) (USA) THX 1138 (1970) – SRT
Daniel Boone (1964) (TV Series) – Gideon (1968-1969)

READ Interview with Don Pedro Colley about his experiences working on THX 1138 (George Lucas’ first film)
Co-Hosting This Show – John Vinson
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