America Betrayed ~ Live: Gun Control! Part 2 ~

by John Clark

John Clark Host ~ Tuesday 01/15/13 – 9 pm ET – 6 pm PT. Be There Or Be Unaware!
Guest: Paul Topete
An important topic to the survival of this nation, your family and the survival of our American way of life
This is  the Second of a Two show series

Gun regulations and their worldwide negative effects are an important topic to inform yourself about and are vital to the survival of this nation, your family and the American way of life.

Will The Gun Haters Win Out?

Tuesday Night Guest: Rocker Paul Topete

Paul recently returned from a visit to Mexico and was shocked at Mexico’s restrictive gun regulations which leave Mexican citizens and visitors to Mexico Virtually Defenseless
They are at the mercy of the Mexican narco-nation government, army, police, the officials AND Also ……>> the mushrooming ranks of illegal gun carrying Drug Lords and their associates who have committed mass atrocities at will on Mexican citizens and visitors alike.

Paul Will Tell You What Life Is Like There For Those Now Residing In Mexico …… WARNING: Mexicans and those visiting this dangerous nation Mexico do so virtually disarmed, without any armed protection!!!

A Frightening American Future Ahead?

Could america become what this nartocracy called Mexico is now like in a just few short years?

Consider The Sudden American Clamor For Unreasonable And Restrictive Gun Regulations And/Or Possible Confiscations And what Mexico has become….

Our Guest,Paul Topete
Is a Patriotic Music Composer & Band Leader of:
“Pokerface” Rock Band ~


Author and Editor of “Immigration Watch”

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