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Dr. Jerome R. Corsi, is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Obama Nation, comes a magnificent, thought-provoking first novel. Grounded in the same kind of in-depth, all-encompassing research that has distinguished Corsi’s nonfiction, The Shroud Codex plumbs the farthest reaches of science and the human spirit. For 10 years after getting his Ph.D. at Harvard, Dr. Corsi taught in universities, the last being the University of Denver in 1981, and conducted university-based research under federally funded contracts. Dr Corsi is an expert on political violence and terrorism. In 1981, he received a Top Secret clearance from the Agency for International Development, where he assisted in providing anti-terrorism training to embassy personnel.

Tonight’s Guest – Second Hour – Mr. William Temple ~ Chairman of Freedom Jamboree

William Temple is the Chairman of Freedom Jamboree, the National Tea Party Straw Poll Convention in

Kansas City,

KS, this Sept. 28th thru Oct. 2nd. The goal of this event is “to elect a Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidate, for the Republican Primaries, who best represents the principles of the Tea Party Organizations across

United States.” The only way to beat the establishment in

Washington is to give the Tea Party Organizations across the

United States the confidence to unite behind the Tea Party Candidate that has proven to have the most Tea Party support.

He was elected Vice President of the Golden Isles Tea Party in Brunswick, Georgia; had the honor of leading the “March on Washington” in 2009 dressed as Button Gwinnett (one of the two signers of the “Declaration of Independence); was a character in the “Tea Party Movie – The Documentary;” a colonial speaker at Tea Party events from Searchlight, Nevada; Santa Monica, CA; CPAC (2010 and 2011);

William has been a professional re-enactor for over 15 years, and has 12 different outfits that cover every 20 years from 1680 to the 1860′s. His business, Time Past Studio, which produces historic paintings and limited edition prints (watercolor and oil), poetry, and music accompanies him to reenactments all over the southeast.

He is one of three pastors at


Church in


Georgia, where he preaches the scriptures verse by verse, and chapter by chapter. He has been a pastor there for 21 years. he believes Tea Party movement has given him the opportunity to remind Americans of the deep spiritual roots of it founders, and the necessity to realize that it is ultimately “God that governs in the affairs of men!”

Hey! He’s baaaaaaaaak! ~ Rattlesnake Ray returns! Rattlesnake Ray Will Co-Host Tonight’s Show!

WARNING: “Conspiracy Theorists” You are all being – Targeted By The – Rogue – Southern




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