America Betrayed ~ Live: Customs Agent Whistle Blower & Pastor Jones – Koran Burning

Live First Hour:

Held Over From Last Week Due To The Number Of Responses.


Customs Agent Whistleblower Returning By Popular Demand! Makes Astounding Claims! This Week He Will Return To Name Names and Tell All!

This courageous and patriotic government agent will be presenting his astounding claims of abuse, malfeasance and political tampering for personal and political profit within the U.S. Customs Department and other

U.S. agencies.

He claims these incredible and dangerous abuses of the public trust occur daily within the same governmental agencies tasked with safeguarding the lives of Americans, American families and American communities.


Pastor Terry Jones

Founder and President of Stand Up

America Now!

Pastor Jones has a $2.5 million bounty on his life put out by the bloody Muslims for burning the Koran! Pastor Jones is now organizing a global burning of korans!!

Pastor Terry D. Jones was born and grew up in

Cape Girardeau,


He has served for more than 35 years in the ministry, traveling to many places and speaking in many nations and countries on the message of apostolic times and building the overcoming church. In May 1993, Dr. Jones received the Certificate of Achievement from the University of California Graduate School of Theology,



Now the president of Dove Charismatic Ministries, Dr. Jones, together with his wife, Sylvia. Dr. Jones, is the Founder and President of the organization, Stand Up America Now! ( He also hosts programs with The Truth TV ( in

California each week.

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America Betrayed web site

Rattlesnake Ray Will Also Be On Tonight!

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