America Betrayed ~ Live: AZ State Sen. Ron Gould & More!

Sen. Gould announces run for Congress. He is a Champion of state’s rights. Sen. Gould Fights U.S. Federal government’s ongoing attempts to overrule Conservative governance.

Ron Gould is a Business Owner who was elected to the Arizona State Senate in November of 2004, Sen. Ron Gould has brought to the Senate previous political experience from his public service as a Councilman from

Lake Havasu City. In addition, for the past 20 years, he has been a small business owner of an air conditioning and heating company since 1984.

Gould is a conservative particularly interested in limited government, increasing personal freedom, and increasing personal responsibility. Ron has been named Chairman of the Ethics Committee, and serves on the Appropriations and Finance Committees.

Ron was raised in

Orange County,

California, but moved to

Arizona in 1995 in pursuit of a better quality of life and lower taxes.



Country Singer – Composer – ”

America’s Singing Patriot” ~ JOYCE SHAFFER

Joyce Shaffer grew up in the

America of the 1950’s when patriotism and common sense was abundant and the American flag was proudly honored at all functions. Joyce knew as a child the special place

America held in the world and it shows in her music today. Her deep faith in God and abiding love of country inspire her songwriting and give her the strength to keep her message going strong. Joyce may have grown up poor, but she found riches in the beauty of the rugged

Colorado landscape which has been her home. Finding a rewarding life on their ranch, Joyce and her husband, Danny, raise paint and running quarter horses. Joyce has a background in music with a band she sang with in the 1980’s called Country Comfort, but she never thought she would someday be writing and performing her own songs. Not until it became clear to her that

America was heading down the wrong path and that our freedoms were for the first time in her life changing for the worse, did inspiration give her the words to write and sing. Inspired by God, Joyce writes the words given to her. Her music now has made its way across our country and is loved by those who remember the strong, self-reliant

America before someone wanted to change it. Dedicated to help right the wrong visited upon

America, Joyce is untiring in her effort to spread the message through her music.

jJoyce has sung her great songs from

Alaska to

Virginia and has been honored for her patriotism by the military with a ceremony giving her an American flag flown in

Afghanistan which she treasures. Joyce was inducted into

America’s Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame in 2011 and has had several of her songs grace the country charts with one being considered for a Grammy this year. While recently in Nashville Joyce met with conservative singers Ray Stevens and the Grand Ole Opry’s own Stonewall Jackson, People are coming together to help heal this nation and country singers with their music are on the front lines.

And Guest

Mr. Chris Cassone

View Chris’ BIO & website


Chris Cassone At CPAC12 Discussing HIS NEW BOOK

Author Of: “Take Our Country Back”: One Song and One Man’s Story of the Tea Party

Quoting an American Afghanistan war VET: “Chris is truly a great patriot, and everybody should buy several copies of his book”….

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Rattlesnake Ray Will Also Be On Tonight!

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