America Betrayed Live: Agent John Carman ~ & the Great – Ibn. Q. al Rassooli!

Our First Hour Guest: Mr. John Carman ~ A Whistleblower and so the Victim of the Very Corrupt DOJ [Department of ‘Justice’] corrupt Scheme to Silence our Courageous Former U.S. Customs Agent.

Mr. John Carman had been a Secret Service Agent and also an agent for U.S. Customs working along the California-Mexican border. It was in this position that he discovered, as part of his official duties, actions by Customs superiors that allowed suspected drug shipments to pass without inspection, as well as to prevent the apprehension of illegal aliens. Carman’s attempts to report and take actions on these serious violations resulted in Carman leaving government service after 17 years for U.S. Customs. Leaving government service, Carman then started a private investigative company.

Carmen has posted a web site ( ), listing many of the corrupt activities of high-level Customs officials, including the names of some of them. Other U.S. Customs Agents, including Darlene Fitzgerald, had discovered similar corruption in U.S. Customs. Her web site describing this corruption is: ( ).

Corrupt Customs officials started monitoring Carman’s activities and then in one instance caused local police to stop Carman’s vehicle and inspect it for contraband. This stop caused Carman to file a civil action against the government, which further aggravated them.

So for your edification, Please Do Tune In tonight, at America Betrayed, To Hear of the new developments in this tale of on-going

U.S.A. ongoing and previous Government employee corruption

Second Hour Guest ~ Ibn. Q. al Rassooli

On This Show: Ibn. Q. al Rassooli will discuss the great Osama Bin Laden death hoax!

Merely a week after President Obama announced the death of Osama Bin Laden, there is literally a deluge of evidence that clearly indicates the whole episode has been manufactured for the Obama political gain and also to return Americans to a state of post-9/11 intellectual castration so that they can be easily manipulated in the run up

to the 2012 election. Here are ten facts that prove the Bin Laden fable is a contrived hoax….


Our guest is also noted for debunking the fraudulent myths perpetrated by the Quoran Ibn. Q. Al-Rassooli was born in

Iraq. His first and ‘mother’ tongue is Arabic.

He was sent by his parents to study engineering at a university in

England. But, after graduating, he decided to stay because he discovered that the “programming” he had received at home about other peoples was one-sided and wrong.

On BlogTalkRadio, Ibn. Q. al Rassooli has discussed …….. Similarities between the Quran & Mien Kampf !!! To hear his presentation select the following: Ibn. Q. al Rassooli discussing similarities between the Quran & Mein Kampf (BlogTalkRadio Gathering Storm Radio Show

Aug 28th, 2009) View His Website:

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The Obama Birth Certificate ~ Is The Case Closed? Maybe Not! Be sure to check out the latest at:

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