America Betrayed ~ Live: A Tribute To Joey Vento A Great American Patriot

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Joey Vento, the owner of a landmark south

Philadelphia cheesesteak stand who told customers to order in English, has died at age 71. In June 2006, Vento and Geno’s made headlines over two small signs posted at the shop stating:

“This is

AMERICA: When Ordering ‘Please Speak English.'”

Vento said he posted the signs because of concerns over the debate on immigration reform and the increasing number of people who couldn’t order in English.

Many notable guests will be taking part in the tribute. The early list includes “pokerface”

Ezola Foster Will Co-Host The Show

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Toll free call-in number 1.800.596.8191

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America Betrayed web site

Rattlesnake Ray Will Also Be On Tonight!

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