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Our Guest today Steve Klein

"How Muslims are setting up cells in

USA to destroy


Mr. Klein is educating law enforcement on how to deal with these radical anti American cells

1968 – 1970, Infantry, USMC, Team Leader, Translator Republic of Viet Nam, Combined Action Program Hunted down cells of Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army – as an 18/19 year old – learned how CELLS operate which is how the Muslim CELLS in America operate today.

1970 – 1977 USMC paid for my college, I earned a Regular Commission in the USMC, and less than 10% of the USMC officers earn this honor. Served as Communications officer with the 3rd Battalion 5th Marines as a unit commander and also Battalion Battle Planning Staff Officer – where we began practicing for Desert Storm, executed 14 years later.


Tonight Mr. Steve Klein -USMC- will blow the whistle tonight how Pentagon money is being used to kill our kids in

Iraq this is done in accordance with the U.S. State Department.

This will be presented as part of Illegal Immigration … the Saudis are funding Terrorists to mingle in with the Hispanics coming through the border. The FIRST Terrorist Cell – 1986 in

Tucson, just above the

Arizona – Mexican border … Saudi Terrorists began coming in here and using

Tucson as a base to spread out to the rest of


(2) The


Canada border with

Michigan is a porous border and Al Qaeda; the Saudis come down from

Canada into Dearborn, Mi and have virtually taken over Dearborn, Mi.

Pictured … U.S Soldier giving $90,000 as ordered via the Pentagon to Hyder Mohan who is a paid contractor working with the State Dept and Pentagon … Hyder Mohan gets paid to fill in the bomb craters caused by command detonated land mines that murder our kids in Iraq.

Hyder Mohan then puts explosives into the craters he’s filling so that in several months his band of murderers can blow the same hole up again killing our kids. This is done via cell phone triggering. Hyder Mohan is a thug and assassin who works with the leaders of the U.S. Army and he works to with Iraqi Police to steal weapons and murder our kids at night. A number of

U.S. soldiers and marines have killed numerous Iraqi Police when they lead Hunter-Killer teams at night in


Hyder Mohan’s DAD, is the Sheik (Governor) of Dayala province and he is like The God Father – working with his son Hyder to fleece the U.S. Army and Marines with the State Department to kill our kids … and using the U.S. Army to carry out vengeance against Iraqis they do not like.

Mr. Klein states that he can bring in hundreds of soldiers and marines as witnesses.


With Co-Host Ray the Roaming Rancher

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