Always Follow The Money …

Saudi Arabia funds the Cells of America. Picture this, if you will, the network of major highways of

America – and connect them to the major highways of

Canada and

Mexico. Where these roads go – so are found the Saudi Funded Cells of North America. Always follow the money and the hidden cells of Islam will be found. All roads used to lead to

Rome – but network of Islamic cells all lead back to

Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia funds the bounty system to murder our soldiers and marines in

Iraq. From first hand experience the Iraqi murderers are paid on a sliding scale to murder our sons and daughters: The higher the rank, the greater the pay out. Suicide bombers walk among our soldiers and marines and ask them, “Are you high or low rank?”

When the suicide bomber finds the highest rank he can, he blows himself up and the Saudis fund Al Qaeda who pays out the surviving members of the suicide bomber’s family.


U.S. Military Concept – Never ask your men to do that which you are not willing to do. Our generals are terrified of the average Iraqi and Afghani. Our generals travel with an entourage of body guards. Yet they insist that our soldiers and marines work with these people who are alerting their trigger pulling friends to hunt and kill our soldiers and marines in


This contradicts the basic leadership rule above held dearly by our Military. It happens all too often that the small Iraqi and Afghani children track our soldiers, dart through culverts and homes to emerge on the other side to watch our men and women going down the road. These little ones signal the trigger pullers who blow up and ambush our soldiers and marines.

Iraqi Muslim workers on our bases monitor our vehicles and our soldiers and marines coming and going. They watch where our men and women go – they signal their co-conspirators to locate, close with and murder our soldiers and marines. And yet the Pentagon and State Department insist that these informers and accessories to murder of our soldiers and marines are allowed to work among our sons and daughters.

This is not right.

The Pentagon is funding – see photo of soldier handing $90,000 to Hyder Mohan – assassin and murderer of our soldiers in

Iraq. We can gain valuable insight into the minds of the Iraqis and the Afghanis by looking at their flags – and the flag of those who fund the suicide bombers there.

Three flags prove that our kids are dying for Islam – the flag of

Iraq has the Arabic which means, Allah Akbar – God is greatest. Allah Akbar is the Battle Cry of Islam. Suicide bombers yell Allah Akbar before blowing themselves up. It is a proven fact that Iraqi Muslims in our chow halls call over the

U.S. soldiers and act friendly to them and then blow themselves up with a cry of Allah Akbar.

The Flag of Afghanistan has a mosque in the center and around it is the Shahada. The Shahada is the 2 great commandments of Islam and means, “There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger.” BUT the ellipsis the message understood in the Shahada is found in the Saudi Arabian flag – a SWORD appears under the Arabic Shahada. And the Sword is the unspoken TRUE meaning of the Shahada:

Convert, become a slave or die!

Further proof that our kids in

Iraq and

Afghanistan are dying for Islam is found in both Constitutions of Iraq and

Afghanistan, The Laws of these two countries are based on Islam

Islam is a religion of murder and deceit. 1,400 years of Islam proves this.

Saudi Arabia is the Vatican of Islam.

Saudi Arabia is the Black Widow spinning and weaving its web of Cells throughout the


Mexico and


Every Muslim owned business is funneling money to the global terrorist effort. This is proved by the world’s top expert on funding terrorism, Jean- Charles Brisard’s testimony before the U.S. Congress



Roots and trends of Saudi terrorism financing.


Saudi Arabia has become the 401 (k), retirement plan retiring

U.S. military officers, CIA, FBI et al. This is expressed in former CIA operative Robert Baer’s Sleeping with the Devil.

In tracking down Cells and the influence of Cells, as the Mafia, one needs to remember “always follow the money.”

A listener to the America Betrayed radio show broadcast on

June 23, 2000 summed it up best with our attempt to try to expose the web of deceit that the Saudi Arabian black widow is weaving globally:

This (broadcast) is more than dizzying. Some of what was said (Arabic names, etc.) were beyond my grasp–as was your knowledge and expression of the technical areas.

But the basics are frightening…"the loose connection of cells"… and like the mafia … "layered structures"… the "$$ factor and its connection with our own government & private businesses" all describe a deathly pall rapidly descending upon us. We (the less than human) slaves, our progeny and this country (if denial of what you know continues) is history.

Your knowledge and gift of delivery must (to the profiteers) be stifled – lest what they have at stake, is jeopardized.

I pray the detractors of truth are aware that men like you may encumber their efforts toward their most treasured commodity: secrecy.

You and I know – as long as there's life, the war is far from over and the fight for the heritage gained through the blood of our fellow – countrymen from the revolution to this day – will never end. Never- until these murderers are laid out once and for all.

I am

Steve Klein, bio available.


i, see basic principles and see the article on Religion



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