Al Sharpton Says People Voted For A “Socialist” In Obama

… the treasonous and seditious body known as the Democrat Party of theHouse of Representatives, Geraldo Rivera interviewed black agitator Al Sharpton.

Sharpton said that the American people have spoken and want healthcare when they voted for a "Socialist" President in Barack Obama. Sharpton admits that Obama is a "Socialist". Given that Obama took the Constitutional oath of office as a "Socialist" he perpetrated a fraud against We the People. Obama committed Official Misconduct by knowingly and falsely taking the Oath to Uphold, Support and Defend the U.S. Constitution, sworn to in front of God.

The American people didn't all vote for Obama, and they sure as hell didn't vote for a "Socialist" President. In fact, the American people are entitled to know the eligibility of this President, since he continually covers up his valid birth certificate and other pertinent identifying documents by using over $2 Million in taxpayers' monies in paying lawyers to cover-up his past.

I will once again state that even if Obama signs this healthcare bill into law, or any other bill for that matter, none of the laws he signs are valid anyway. They need to be challenged at every level when the issue presents itself.

Now that this fraudulent, anti-American healthcare bill has been passed, it should set the American people on a resolve like never before to demand this so-called President's eligibility as soon as possible. This should be the first order of business to determine whether or not we have a lawful government and lawful Presidency in place.

Bruce Eden

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