AIG & Senator Chris DUDD

Answer, Dodd is still at large.

As a career politician when it was time for him to show leadership while reviewing the AIG bailout he completely failed. The officials of Connecticut did the right thing when Travis the monkey went on a rampage, now it is time for the people of Connecticut to do what Dodd’s political cronies in the senate won’t do and remove this empty suit from the halls of congress. Dodd’s actions if not criminal surely underscore his total lack of competence as a legislator. Using his name and family as a political crutch for almost 30 years, he provides poor judgment and sound-bites to chastise businessmen while never holding a private sector job. Christopher Dodd is ethically and truth challenged and needs to be stripped of his chairmanship of the senate banking committee. Regardless of one’s political stripe the retention of Dodd in the Senate is part of the problem and his defeat next year would be part of our country’s economic solution.

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