AIDS/HIV responsible for only .5% of American deaths gets near 100% of federal medical research dollars. WE are being killed by Sodomite communist propaganda.

• Jesus in at least three chapters speaks to the fate of those who harm His children:

“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones who believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” ( Matthew 18:6, KJV)

“And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.” ( Mark 9:42, KJV)

“It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” ( Luke 17:2, KJV)

World wide disputed mortality data reports total AIDS/HIV deaths as around 2.3 million annually. The total number of all deaths in the world is estimated to be near 40 million a year. These numbers are largely unconformable and are dependent on their accuracy by the type of reporting systems set up in each of the nations reporting to the World Health Organization.

It has been concluded for some time in the WHO releases that the data is not reliable for undeveloped nations. Developed nations have much more reliable data to deal with.

Problems in accuracy of records

Although the International Classification of Diseases is intended to provide a standard way of recording underlying cause of death, comparison of cause of death data over time and across countries should be undertaken with caution… Accuracy in diagnosing causes of death still varies from one country to another. In addition the process of coding underlying causes of death involves some extent of misattribution or miscoding even in countries where causes are assigned by medically qualified staff. Main reasons are incorrect or systematic biases in diagnosis, incorrect or incomplete death certificates, misinterpretation of ICD rules for selection of the underlying cause, and variations in the use of coding categories for unknown and ill-defined causes.

Quality of cause-of-death information

“Accurate and timely data on deaths and causes of death are essential. But for more than a quarter of the world’s population – largely in Africa, South-East Asia and the Middle East – there are no recent data available.

The quality of the information suffers as proper systems for death registration operate in only 29 of 115 countries that report such statistics to WHO. In the remaining countries, mortality statistics suffer from incomplete registration of births and deaths, and incorrect reporting of the cause of death and age.”

Latest confirmations from the World Health Organization not only recognize the inherent inability accurately define the causes of death but have revealed that data has been manipulated for political purposes. AIDS/HIV deaths are routinely overstated to promote the communist Sodomite agenda in the developed countries. The new position by the health care professionals indicates a needed change in the allocation of resources to the critical diseases of our time.

Decrease in AIDS fuels thoughts of shifting funds By Maria Cheng Posted on Sat, Jan. 19, 2008 ASSOCIATED PRESS LONDON —

“In a recent series in the journal Lancet, experts wrote that more than one-third of child deaths and 11 percent of the total disease burden worldwide are due to mothers and children not getting enough to eat — or not getting enough nutritional food.

"We have a system in public health where the loudest voice gets the most money," said Dr. Richard Horton, editor of Lancet. "AIDS has grossly distorted our limited budget."

Still, De Cock once worked on AIDS projects in Kenya, and said, "It did feel a bit peculiar to be investing so much money into anti-retrovirals while the people there were dealing with huge problems like water and sanitation."

Part of the issue is advocacy, from celebrity ambassadors to red ribbons. Aside from southern Africa, most of the continent has relatively low rates of HIV, and much higher rates of easily treatable diseases like diarrhea and respiratory illnesses. Yet much of the money from the West, especially from the United States, goes into AIDS.

Daniel Halperin, an AIDS expert at Harvard University's School of Public Health, recently wrote a commentary in The New York Times on the imbalance and said he was astounded by the response. Most were positive, he said, with many AIDS experts agreeing it was time to re-examine spending.”

"It's hard to get Western donors to listen," said Dr. Richard Wamai, a Kenyan doctor at Harvard's School of Public Health. Wamai said that some African health systems are so weak they cannot absorb the donations, and AIDS drugs are sometimes left in warehouses because governments cannot distribute them. Still, "trying to redirect AIDS money will take a long time," Wamai said. "It's a bit like trying to stop an ocean liner."


Recipients of the AIDS largess from the United States recognize the ease with which they can get billions of dollars so they automatically report unknown causes of deaths as AIDS.

AIDS has been characterized as a pandemic in the United States that will soon kill everyone unless we introduce safe sex education in our schools so we can teach children to avoid the dangers of this disease. That bogus argument was designed to introduce the deadly disease of religious humanism into the classroom and to diminish our ability to educate our children.

Communist Strategy for Revolution Captured at Dusseldorf; 1919

The following was reported to have been captured by the allied forces in Dusseldorf , May 1919

A. Corrupt the young. Get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial; destroy their ruggedness.

B. Get control of all means of publicity and thereby:

1. Get people's minds off their government by focusing their attention on sexy books, plays and other trivialities.

2. Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance.

3. Destroy the people's faith in their natural leaders by holding the latter up to contempt and ridicule.

4. Always preach true democracy, but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible.

5. By encouraging government extravagance, destroy its credit, produce fear of inflation with rising prices and general discontent.

6. Foment unnecessary strikes in vital industries, encourage civil disorders and foster a lenient and soft attitude on the part of government toward such disorders.

7. By specious argument cause the breakdown of the old moral virtues, honesty, sobriety, continence, faith in the pledged word, ruggedness.

Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext with a view to confiscating them and leaving the population helpless.

The irrefutable facts are there is no AIDS pandemic in the United States or in the World. It is a lie with the most extreme prejudice and severe consequences on the health care systems of the world.

The Centers for Disease Control report dated 2002 indicate there were 2,443,387 American deaths that year. Page one of the PDF The top ten leading causes of death do not include AIDS/HIV a disease that is lumped with other diseases. The total number of AIDS/HIV deaths was only 14,095 or a mere .57% of the total deaths of Americans that year. This statistic has remained relatively constant during the AIDS EPIDEMIC myth propagated by the homosexual sodomite communists and the left wing communist media that used the scare tactics to get sex education and acceptance of sodomite sexual deviancy firmly implanted in our schools systems.

Your chances of dying of something other than AIDS in the United States is about 100% particularly if you don’t participate in male homosexual sex. The data indicates it is difficult to transmit and one must be very promiscuous in order to get the disease.

One of the scare tactics used by the communist sodomites is the total number of deaths without any comparative statistics. The scream about the 520,000 Sodomite deaths since the “pandemic” began in 1982. The sad fact is that is less than the number of people who die in the United States each year of Cancer. It is sadder yet and irreprehensible this tactic is used to garner sympathy when the child deaths in the United States are more than four times that number.

They use misleading statements such as “Infectious diseases like AIDS/HIV are responsible for one third of all deaths. The fact is about 25% of all deaths are from infectious diseases other than aids, most of which are easily treated with existing antibiotics. The total cost to reduce this 12 million infectious diseases the most deadly of which is the flue and respiratory disease that kills 3.5 million or 50% more than AIDS is estimated to be only $5 billion for the world.

The AIDS HOAX is responsible for millions of preventable non aids deaths because of the misallocation of healthcare dollars. Millions of children around the world are dying every day of treatable diseases other than AIDS because the communist propaganda machine has been so strong there is no one to dispute the facts. Respiratory infections kill 7 times as many children in the world as AIDS.

Leading Causes of Death in Children Under Five Years of Age, Estimates for 2000-2003

(Source: World Health Organization, The World Health Report 2005)

Neonatal causes 3,910

Acute respiratory infections 2,027

Diarrheal diseases 1,762

Malaria 853

Measles 395


Injuries 305

Other causes 1,022

Total 10,596

We have a medical system that has defined as its main objective eradication of a disease caused by sexual depravity. President Bush during his administration has spent over $90 billion dollars to promote sex education, provide research, and fund the San Francisco Folsom Street Fair where degenerates perform sex acts on one another in public in front of children.

The United States Health Care System is in a shambles not because of excessive use of the indigent or sick American Citizens; it is being destroyed by a reallocation of medical research dollars and health care services to a minor behavior driven disease that can be erased in a generation by quarantine. Those who have AIDS or participate in practices that would spread the disease must be held accountable.

We the people can no longer accept the deaths of innocent children while we pay billions to assure the decadent lifestyle of sodomite perverts who have only one objective. They want no less than the total destruction of our way of life, our national sovereignty and our liberty.

The big lie about the AIDS pandemic leads people to think they may die from it. That is a myth. You must participate in chosen select behavior (deviant sex with over 6 strangers without condoms in a year, performing oral sex on same sex male members and sharing dirty needles with those who participate in this deviant behavior) before you are at risk. Even with those activities the odds of you ever dying of aids is less than one percent.

40,042 American Children less than the age of 14 die of cancer, and a plethora of other treatable diseases while the majority of federal research funding for disease goes to the sodomite behavior driven disease AIDS/HIV.

Our corrupt government has embarked on a genocidal course to let people who are not of the sodomite persuasion die while they spend over 90 billion dollars to prolong the lives of deviant sex perverts.

George W. Bush has allocated over 90 Billion dollars of our scarce health care resources to this high risk disease while he says there is no money for cancer, heart disease or diabetic disease research. How long will you stand by and let your neighbors, friends and family members die while these communist convince you it is the politically correct thing to do to pay all our health care money out so homosexuals can have disease causing sex? How long will you let the myth of the AIDS pandemic initiate deviant sexual education programs in our schools?

Have you no pride, no honor, no love for your family and your children? Too many babies and children die of diseases that could have been cured if the same money put into AIDS had been allocated to those diseases that would have provided the most benefit to society by curing them. You are responsible for that because your silence is taken as implied consent.

This travesty of justice and murderous health care policy must be turned around if we are to survive as a nation. We now have new age evangelicals preaching the need to save the world from AIDS. Rick Warren has become the new spiritual leader for both parties on this deadly hoax, supporting more American deaths form treatable diseases while they pandering to the communist Sodomite agenda. Clinton wants to spend another 50 billion on the AIDS HOAX, and McCain, Huckabee, Guilliani and the rest are all clamoring for more money for the anti-heterosexual "normal" humans, so that our children, you and I can die after we pay outrageous taxes for their care.

Isn't it enough that we are letting fellow Americans go into bankruptcy over medical bills and then die without medical care without insurance while we pay taxes to provide free medical care for Mexican Nationals criminal illegal aliens in our land?

How can you look at your face in the mirror each morning? How many babies will you let suffer and die before you demand justice? You weak cowardly pandering bastards make me fucking sick.

How much can America a Christian nation take of this barbarism and still be called a Christian Nation?

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