… Adding Two Million People To Denver

Readers responded to “Future Denver” published May 17, 2009, with a variety of solutions for improving gridlocked traffic. The article started off, “What will it take to improve traffic in the metro area?”

Mark Koebrich on Channel 9 News recently reported that population projections show Denver adding 2.0 million people.

Instead of beating around the bush with vacant and unworkable solutions which are all based on population growth, I can answer the Post’s question: nothing will improve traffic or air pollution with an addition of 2.0 million people. It will become worse, and still worse after that. It will keep getting worse.

All of the people writing letters to the editor think in 20th century solutions that will ultimately fail, and fail miserably. To my own consternation, anyone can see examples in Chicago, Los Angles, Houston, NYC and Dallas. Those traffic nightmares accelerate as their gridlock grows. Drivers breathe their fumes as they fume in bumper to bumper traffic.

Yet, you hear ‘solutions’ from experts as to how we will generate more energy, pump more water from the Mississippi River and add more lanes to our highways. You hear about methods for clearing the air and cleaning up the Brown Cloud. The Denver Post loves to dance around the final solution and the only solution that would actually work.

The Denver Post’s top editors avoid this subject at all costs. The citizens of Colorado avoid it. Governor Bill Ritter avoids it. Mayor John Hickenlooper avoids it. The members of the legislature avoid it like the Swine Flu.

Instead, they entertain Fast Tracks, Slow Growth, Managed Growth, wind turbines, electric cars and a host of other 20th century thinking. It’s like watching a train wreck begging to happen. It’s like watching our leaders ‘throw’ the game. It’s like watching someone drive over a cliff because they failed to stop and change direction.

Amazingly enough, the Denver Post will publish all the most ridiculous solutions, but they won’t publish anyone who will write the ultimate and most reasonable solution. What is that?

Colorado and the United States must engage a “Colorado Sustainable Population Policy”; “Colorado Water Usage Policy”; and “Colorado Environmental Impact Policy”. We must do the same for the United States.

Every entity mandates a carrying capacity. You will find a limit to how many a restaurant can serve at one time. How many a pool can allow to swim at one time! An airplane maintains a strict passenger limit. A car can only carry a limited number of gallons of gasoline.

Yet, Dean Singleton, and his stable of intelligent staff writers fail Coloradans at the most basic level. They fail to address the population equation at all costs. They fail to bring the only solution to readers. They fail the present and they fail the future. They promote unending growth and they support cramming as many people as possible into Colorado. We grow by 100,000 a year on our way to adding five million by mid century. The same goes for the federal government. We add 3.1 to 3.4 million annually on our way to adding 100 million in 30 years. The U.S. injects 200,000 immigrants into this country every 30 days, month in and month out, year in and year out. Ironically, those immigrants arrive from countries already overpopulated and from a worldwide population that adds 77 million net gain annually.

So what can we expect? At some point, we will be reduced to the same living conditions and human misery in our overwhelmed cities as we suffer more gridlock, toxic air pollution, and degraded quality of life issues now experienced in Mexico, China, India and other overpopulated countries.

Or, we might experience an epiphany and engage a national population policy to live within our carrying capacity. Gees! Common sense and rational actions for a reasonable future! What a concept!

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