A Writers Work by Jody Palmer

When all is said and all is done

and all that’s left is a battle we won

when peace is nigh yet still out of reach

and silence is too still when the truth has been breached

when there is no corner left unturned

and every last bridge has been burned

when all you know is how to fight

how to defend your solo life

when you’ve hurt all you know and only know hurt

then stare in the mirror at the stranger life formed

when you can’t understand at all who you are

except the burns and bruises of a child so scarred

when you’re scared to feel and feel too scared

when anger and pain is your only friend

when all that you are is judged by a past

and everyone you meet perception turns aghast

when tears stream daily and daily you hear

a child’s whimper, an echo so near

when you feel life is lost and you’re too lost to find

a love for yourself, a warmth from mankind

when the abuse from the past won’t let you sleep

and you feel you’ll never understand the love you seek

when the deep and the dark is all you know

when you’ve broken down and every second is slow

that’s when you start writing with all you know

the only strength left as the words begin to flow

like a river of torture the waves guide each pain

out of your fingertips and onto the page

and you write and you type and you scribble and scratch

the hurt that flows forth is like a dam unlatched

and every shattered piece of your heart that’s locked up

escapes with the relief – a king’s gold cup

emotional exhaustion creeps into your soul

as every ripple of pain becomes a strength instead of a foe

and you don’t need to think, the words release themselves

onto the paper as your sorrows quell

your emotions expunged

you're at a loss for words

an unexplainable climax of a writer’s work

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