A Tribute To Rodman : The Cat

….This house – my domain, your kingdom…

truly a cat of royalty.

Though gone but never forgotten, my memories

and love will go on strong…

Laid to rest – may you sleep in peace,

My Friend, I say, "So Long!"

These farewells are not and ending

as one day we're sure to meet again,

"Man to Man" though just a feline…

you've always been my friend.

It comforts me knowing you left this world

in the place you knew as home,

A familiar space – with a friendly face…

knowing you weren't alone.

Now only time can fill this emptiness

the void while we're apart,

But I assure you my memories keep you alive…

and your spirit closeto my heart!!

Go easy my friend, as you enter Heaven-

the endless sky of blue…

And know that I always loved you, As I know…

You always loved me too!

For John,

In honor of his cat Rodman

Laid to Rest in Peace

December 14, 2003

By: Melanie J. Cowling

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