A Terrible … Terrible Mistake!

If such is the case, we as a nation had committed a terrible blunder … a horrifying failure of our electoral system.

This horrendous error is so mind boggling that it could never be mended, excused or extricated no matter what we do.

In the mind of those millions of Americans all over the country, Barack Hussein Obama, a.k.a. Barry Soetero, was not a natural born American citizen and therefore has never been constitutionally qualified to run for the highest office of the land in the last November 2008 presidential election.

Judging from so many evidences that surfaced since then, Obama was born with multiple citizenships. Take your pick: British, Kenyan or Indonesian citizenship, and later on, a naturalized American citizenship. That in any case, does not speak of a natural born


citizenship qualified to become a


president. The U.S. Constitution’s Article II, Section 4, prohibits a non- natural born


citizen from running as a candidate for the office of the president.

This indescribable foul-up or unforgivable fault of electing a non-qualified candidate for President, can be traced to The Democratic National Committee (DNC) … “the principal organization governing the United States Democratic Party” that launched Obama’s spurious candidacy.

It is in this sense that the responsible leaders of the Democratic Party intentionally conspired to betray


to insanely satiate their obvious gluttony for power.

With such a damning obsession to take away national leadership from its rival Republican Party that was then in power, DNC ignored its paramount responsibility to the nation to see to it that only a constitutionally qualified candidate should be their standard bearer to compete for the people’s votes nationwide. Instead, it fielded a specious candidate who after fooling the electorate of its supposedly constitutional qualification catapulted a usurper to the office of the president.

There are several pending cases questioning the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency which like millions of American I have little doubt that if heard and decided by the U.S. Supreme Court, a judicial declaration would shock the world that we have a usurper president who is running the country today.

Again, if such is the case, all the actions of such a presidential usurper now occupying the office of the president are unconstitutional, illegal or null and void. Now imagine that each of those presidential actions is overturned by the U.S. S.Ct!!

And so I ask: What Justice of the highest court of the land would have the tenacity if not sanity, to even think of doing that? No court would declare to the outside world that what our “President” did to them, signed or openly declared as a matter of foreign policy, were all null and void. This does not speak of the executive orders and congressional bills that Obama signed into law … just to scratch the surface a little bit more or just to imagine what is inside this Pandora’s Box.

To which I say with justifiable audacity and unrestrained temerity instead of timidity and covert reticence or bashfulness

that the U.S. S.Ct will say anything – anything at all — to avoid jurisdiction over those cases. To say that it will be “messy” or we will have a constitutional crisis if the U.S. S.Ct declares in a writ of quo warranto proceeding that Obama is a usurper, is a super fly in the ointment, so to speak or simply put, an understatement that never sees the light of day.

Clearly, the courts of law and the Judges and Justices that hide behind the bench from this legal issue of Obama’s illegitimate presidency, are not really the black knights to joust against legally. Those Judges and Justices just refused to fight this nation’s patriotic lawyers whose unresolved cases against Obama are pending in court, when they knew that nobody will win, and only we as a nation, are bound to lose.

Obama has served one half of his term in office. This national agony of a gargantuan error caused by the treachery of the political party now in power, will continue for another two years until Obama’s term expires.

The Constitution provides for the succession of the Vice President while the President is still in office. Read those constitutional provisions with a grain of salt. This is not to insinuate VP Joe Biden to think or do anything criminal so that he should become the next president of the

United States


For, the grounds for this constitutional Succession Clause while the President is still occupying the Oval Office run a tingling down the spine, whether we have to contemplate this possibility with arms akimbo or genuflect to behold and pray it should not happen. Ghastly as it is, it is an intra-constitutional way of replacing an incumbent President.

The extra-constitutional way of doing it is when angry military authorities defy the Constitution and take the law into their hands … and Martial law becomes a choice that is hardly less grim or bloody gruesome.

Yes, we committed a terrible … terrible mistake! This we should and must admit.

And this is where I ask extraordinary caution from everyone else who like you and me I am sure do not want to see our streets drenched with blood. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS March 9, 2010.

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