About 6 or 8 months ago, in 2007, I was up late and while waiting to get tired I had C Span on the tube with me. The host was interviewing some guy by the name of



Walker it turned out was: “



Walker became the seventh Comptroller General of the

United States and began his 15-year term when he took his oath of office on

November 9, 1998.”

[Google name search http://www.gao.gov/cghome/dwbiog.html ]

It was “kinda” dull for the most part, but perfect for decelerating to a sleep ready weariness mode.

Then, “General”

Walker, while discussing the GAO and the economy described the American people as if they were merely considered or calculated, by the GAO at least, as a Human Capital asset by or for the Government. That statement activated my synapse alarm system.

[This is my best recollection of that conversation now. C Span maintains a store of its programs on DVD for sale, just in case of any further interest. I do not have one.]

So, essentially “We The People” are just considered as bushels of grain, a herd of beasts or a set value as a sack of protoplasm, inside “their” government(s).

Around the same time and it was before the then Federal Reserve Chairman Mr. Greenspan [hereinafter “FED RES”] retired. He was testifying before Congress. I recall Greenspan saying something like, his or the “FED RES” was concerned about their current

U.S.A. debt load and future borrowing “credit” evaluation. According to


Greenspan at the time his position was that this country,

America, was at the outer limits of its continued foreign borrowing ability.

Then, additionally, at about the same time there were statements and media comments that, based upon the so called “National Debt”, each and every American, man, child and woman owed about thirty something thousand dollars, in order for the national debt to be paid off.

This means that Congress and the White House Occupant cannot borrow any more money using Americans as collateral.

So, to me this is the basis for importing forty million foreigners. As you can see all of the irrational looking financial services that the illegals are getting is apparently recognition that each of them can be considered Human Capital worth about thirty something thousand dollars each; therefore, they are merely being allowed to use the relatively “small” amount of money for themselves, welfare etc., while the majority of the human capital value is being consumed by the Congress and White House for their own personal benefit.

Notably, with all of the illegals now in

America no one mentions that the U.S.A.

is at the limit of its borrowing ability.

Hey Gringo you aren’t worth another farthing!

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