A Pearl In An Oyster

It is very picturesque, with all kinds of fun attractions that draw tourists from around the world. Its old world charm unsurpassed anywhere in this country, but little known to tourists is a “pearl” just close to St. Augustine Beach, no more than ten minutes from the tourist filled streets of the town, viola!, The St. Augustine amphitheatre, which myself have driven by many times over the years, with hardly a glance at the sign, but, on my last visit to the historical area, I saw a flyer about Little Richard next concert there. WOW! I thought, an Icon of the music industry, a legend, why would he appear at a little amphitheatre? I asked my wife if she would like to go see him. My wife did not know much about Little Richard for one thing, she is younger than me, and she is from Venezuela, country in which Little Richard was not on the top of the music charts.

I called the office of the amphitheatre to inquire about the show, they told me to come early to pick up backstage pass, I was really getting excited I was going to meet Little Richard. Over the years I have met many famous people; actors, politicians, etc, but this rock star goes back to my school days and the times I had as a youth; good, bad, or indifferent, compared to what we go thru as adults it was a picnic.

As we entered we were amazed how big it was inside, it reminded me of the first time going to the shoreline in California, looking so small from out side, and then so large once you get inside. It was the same here; I was quite impressed with this amphitheater.

We then received our back stage passes, and then headed towards the back stage area. I did not want to miss little Richard, my heart was racing with excitement.

Then, a limo pull up, it must be Little Richard! I thought to myself. Then he walked by, and looked unreal to us with all the makeup and the costume he was wearing.

I asked one of his people; who do I have to talk to in order to get an interview with Little Richard? The guy was kind of rude, and looked at me like I was some type of fungus. He told me I would have to wait after the show, OK, I said, but then I saw how this guy and others in his group treated the rest of the staff backstage. At that moment I realized that the rumors I heard from friends of mine in the music business, that Little Richard and Chuck Berry were racists, is true. I don’t know about Chuck Berry, but as far as Little Richard goes, there is no doubt in my mind; he is a racist against whites, and possibly a ‘hetero-phobe’. I guess if you are black and homosexual you are a protected class. After hanging around for a while I noticed that his whole crew were rude and seemed like they did not like whitey either.

I had asked Little Richard’s manager if I could get picture of him.

He told me later, but I would have to pay for it. Here I am media and have to pay for it? Don’t think so Mr. Richard! What a disappointment to find out one of my favorite musicians going back to high school was a racist against whites, and very possibly I think he is also an aggresive 'hetero-phobe'! Well, live and learn, too bad, but hey, I did find a pearl in an oyster! the St Augustine Amphitheater

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