A note from a New Yorker to the 9/11 conspiracy theorists

I lived and worked near the WTC. Many years ago I worked in a building down the street from The Towers. I would go out around 2 am when I went out to get a snack, There was at the time just one tiny place open. Most buildings had one or two 24 hour computer operations. I would often encounter some guy pushing a hand cart loaded with the old computer tapes. But mostly, the place was empty and as I walked down some streets, my footsteps echoed into the night air. Even the bars and topless girl places closed by 1am.

Now, there are mini cities built of apartment houses downtown. Some of the most expensive condos exist down there. David Rockefeller took the dirt and rubble dug out of the hole dug for the WTC and dumped it into the Hudson River right across the road from The Towers. He extended the island of Manhattan, creating more priceless acres. On that land he built dozens of apartment buildings, parks and shops. It is one of the nicest neighborhoods in Manhattan.

My point in telling this story is this. Who thinks that hundreds of trucks could drive into the narrow streets of lower Manhattan every night, and not be noticed? All those tons of explosives had to get to The Towers somehow. Traffic is impossible during the day. At night, no one would see or hear convoys of trailer trucks as they rolled into the WTC grounds? When the Convention Center in mid Town Manhattan has a large auto or boat show, the trucks bringing in the displays line up all over the neighborhood, waiting for an opportunity to get to the loading docks. The Convention Center is in a less crowded neighborhood, and the number of trucks are a small percentage of what you would need to bring in all of those explosives.

I have thought of other ways to bring in all those tons of explosives. They could have brought in barges. But… There are no docks in the river nearby. The trucks transporting the explosives from the riverside to the WTC would be driving through blocks of apartment buildings. No one was curious about the hundreds of trucks rolling by all night? No one remembers after 9/11 that a week before hundreds of trucks rolled by all night, or sat idling in sections waiting to load or unload their cargo of explosives. What about the hundreds of cars driven by the men and women brought in to lay the explosives down. All of these explosive experts had to get to the city somehow. Even if they were organized and brought in chartered buses, someone would have noticed dozens of buses coming in at night. Parking for hours and then leaving just before sunrise.

How were these explosives installed? They had to be hidden in the walls. You couldn't leave them outside the walls where the people working in the WTC would notice them. How about the miles of wires and cord. It had to take days to hook them up? You couldn't do it the night before.

Just a bit of common sense is all this argument needs.


Jack Jacobson


Note: Well to me the point is – the people on that side of the argument are so sure that the Cheney/Rove/Bush cabal did something evil, that they're willing to look past any sane explanation and invent something that has no basis in fact. And that's why it boils down to a left/right argument. The propagandists versus the people who are using common sense. The people who are living in a dream world versus the people who want to look at it practically through the lens of reality. And as it was pointed out earlier: you just can't argue with crazy people….and that's what these conspiracy theorists are. Just this one note – that is approached through reason and common sense debunks the entire premise. But that won't stop the 9/11 truthers from saying what they're saying…because they avoid and overlook the obvious in order to achieve their political goal…to blame the Bush administration for an impossible feat. On the one hand, you'd have to think they were incredible geniuses to have pulled off this diabolical plot. On the other hand, they say the administration is stupid and inept. So which is it? Popular Mechanics has debunked the conspiracy theory of explosives in set off in the towers, and the demolitions experts who cleaned up at Ground Zero have debunked it, Columbia University has debunked it, but the mythology lives on.

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