…. What appeared on the internet just a couple of weeks prior too the taking of this trip, is an invitation to attend and support Ed and Elaine Brown.

July 14, 2007 just 10 days and 231 years past the great 4th , together with my driving partner we traveled. A past government injured recipient of the worst metal of all whom Depleted Uranium had been “pinned” on his body so tight that to date, all efforts to un- pin it had failed and do to the serious nerve damage caused by this metal my partner received in Iraq, he traveled in great pain.

As we travel along the country side, a little uncertain of our destination, and even more uncertain of what to expect once we arrived, travel was only a necessity, not of great fun or value, except the conversation. Two knowledgeable freedom loving individuals, beaten upon by the ignorant forces in overtime, had much to talk about. The 3 hour trip went quickly.

As we appear in the nearby towns to Plainfield, provisions were a must and we spied what turned out to be a remarkable food coop in White River Junction, Vermont that displayed an “Everyone Welcome” sign. We knew that meant us.

After provisioning with apples, carrots, fresh bread cheeses and flavored seltzers, we headed off to our uncertain destination, Plainfield NH just over the border.

In deciding to switch cars at the last minute, both of mine were similar jeeps yet one sported highway tires and the other 4 snow tires and since I opted for the highway tired one, information about our exact address was left behind. I had in my mind the approx. address and streets were known yet anyone who travels in the rural areas as much as I

do daily, knows that many streets are not marked.

Luckily we did appear to be on the correct road and uncertainty smartly vanished when we spotted two Plainfield public servants in the nice uniforms the people of Plainfield provided for them, that we knew we were on the right road. Thanks guys, you made us laugh!

Traveling what was now a dirt road, I remembered hearing the infamous Randy Weaver, of the travesty at Ruby Ridge fame, state something on the shortwave radio a few days past, along the lines of maybe the government should not waste all this tax money chasing Ed and Elaine Brown around and pave the last part of the road. Another good clue we were approaching being on the dirt.

After a quick side trip just to turn around, and not spying any friendly locals in their yards, curiously absent like they sensed some thing we were seeking and they wanted no part of, we came across the civilian flag flying at the end of a narrow roadway or small lane. We continued keenly aware of the importance of this situation.

We approached what for lack of a better term appeared to be a civilian guard post. The road narrowed by a large vehicle on one side, a few large tires piled nearby for what I thought would be to slow any fast approaching vehicles;

being at the ready. Three or four very concerned looks took a fast and yet steady read of us. Friend or Foe I am sure would be my immediate reaction had I been the one stopping the cars. Ones sixth sense is something most of us do not trust enough, the gate keepers sensed Friend; and they were right.

The Browns residence is a magnificent work in progress. You could immediately see the love taken to naturally landscape, what was surely heavy woods once now replaced by sweat and toll into rolling lawns, a small fish pond and graceful blue stone drives, a standard in the North Country from quarries nearby.

This was no compound or fortress, this was ones home. The Browns home and I was very proud I had been invited.

I was very glad I had come.

It was not easy to decide to come into such an unknown situation where the use of lethal force may be present, or the unknown actions of a sinister government if it were to raise its dirty head, yet it was a must do. I was glad I was not alone. As my driving partner and I were slightly early, and just a few others had arrived prior, we were to slowly set up comfortably on the lawn in the shade of a large tree. Shade was something necessary for my partners unwelcome, government induced medical condition. Some of the persons milling around had been upon the property and privy to the house. I purposely did not attempt to go inside and I notice throughout the day and evening others made the same decision. This was someone’s home, a home they surely loved. I did not want to disrespect this invite, yet I am quite sure they would have welcomed us in.

I heard radio announcer Alex Jones Monday, on the GCNLive.com radio show, speak uneasy about whether to promote this to his large audience or not. I could understand why. He spoke about the party at the Browns residence and was it a good idea to go into a potentially deadly situation, as well as promote others to do the same under the guise of a party. A party it was not!

A party it was not, unless your idea of a party is a somber funeral. Sure they have food and water and sodas to eat and drink, yet so does a funeral. It still does not make it a party. This was much more serious than that.

The yard started to fill up. Small busses and vans with equipment for the stage along with the musicians ready to sing and discuss the situation have been arriving and unpacking. For a thought of less than two weeks notice over the internet, to create a support group experience for the Browns and to make the public aware of this tragedy in the making so that they may do something about stopping it, this experience was coming together nicely. What an experience it turned out to be!

The people as they started to fill the lawns and mill around started to total what appeared to be more than one hundred and less than two. These are courageous people of all ages. These surely courageous people were men and women in their seventies and eighties, young men and women in their teens, middle of the road guys like me sitting next to young families with children. We all had a place and today this was it. Our Constitution was and is on deaths door yet today its heart was still beating by another shot of freedom.

What a great group of people it turned out to be!! What energy started to flow being we were all connected by a common thread, the thread of freedom and liberty. (Even the negative energy of the surely present government spies was suppressed. I am sure they went home depressed and sad for their jobs.)

What talks were had by those in attendance! Would you not want to be present when discussed and men signed pledging upon Devine Providence “our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor” at the Declaration of Independence or on the greens in Rummimad, barons sword in hand when the King John was given certain decisions to make at his “agreement” or death and the Magna Carter was signed? This felt like another birth of our

Republic, a demand of Rights and truly public “in your face” political protest and I was very humble yet proud to be here. If you only remember one thing about this entire weekend remember, Nobody and I mean Nobody has rights over you in this Constitutional Republic unless and without your Consent! .

The pledge of allegiance rang out from the crowd to open this needed protest. Bands like Poker Face played.

Speaking about freedom were the likes of Randy Weaver and a Dan, who was shot at on the Browns property twice, tazered, threatened by goons yet still has the fire of freedom and liberty in his heart appeared. Ted Anderson from GCN talked about the Federal Reserve being private and so a IRS being not even necessary, should not be in this county ever again.. Tom Cryers recent WIN against the IRS in Louisiana on the exact same charges was discussed by radio talk show host Jack Blood whom and with the undiminished energy of David Von Kliest of The Power Hour, MC’ed the event.

9-11 truths member were present everywhere with “911 was an inside job” and like shirts were sported. A single magnificent guitar player played, another large band and a very techno video synchronized group finished the evening. What a gathering of songs about freedom and liberty were amassed! Magnificent Fireworks finished out the evening. I can certainly understand how the Star Spangle Banner was penned viewing the bombs bursting in mid air. And the helicopter, did I tell you about the helicopter?

What a huge waste of our money. Homeland Insecurity flew a very expensive helicopter dangerously close to all us citizens for over eight hours that day. Swooping in, hovering, and shining huge spot lights. Just like a little kid with a new flashlight on Christmas, these adults with a child’s mentality and a new toy displayed the same mental attitude.

What was this to prove, you peons? This was a disgrace and a sure sign our great Republic is in great danger of collapse. It made me even prouder to be at the Browns!

The Browns are reverent in truth and are honest gentle people who know right from wrong and can not allow the wrong to continue on their watch no more than our forefathers could stand back and watch the wrongs taking place without taking a stand. Please do a search on Ed and Elaine Brown on the internet and you to will be infuriated what your country is doing to your good name and the good name of United States of America. The real shame is many do not know what is happening as the truth is not on the major channels. The internet correspondents were everywhere and the entire event was broadcast live. Look!!

“This is the most magnificent movement of all! There is a dignity, majesty, as sublimity, in this last effort of the patriots that I greatly admire. The people should never rise without doing something to be remembered-something notable and striking. This destruction of the tea is bold, so daring, so firm, intrepid and inflexible, and it must have so important consequences, and so lasting, that I can’t but consider it as an epoch in history” Diary on the Boston Tea Party Dec. 17, 1773 by John Adams

Chris Schuh

July 17, 2007

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