A Global Immigration Push

So what is going on with illegal immigration? Oh, I mean irregular immigrants; yes, that’s what we’re supposed to call them now. It appears that the federal government is incompetent and unable to secure the borders, but I think it’s obvious that it’s not a case of incompetency, but rather they know exactly what they’re doing, and have been planning it for decades. It’s confusing as hell though. Part of me thinks that our government is following UN policies, and part of me thinks that there’s a deep hidden agenda using and/or riding on the back of UN policies. The problem we have is that what ever our government is doing it’s not being done for us as a nation. Maybe it’s a perverted concept of social justice, or the North American Union, or the final push for global governance, or rich opportunists demonizing patriotism and feeding racism to secure their position in the new global economy. What I know is that something isn’t right and it’s real difficult to get members of the,” I don’t know and don’t really care” club, to entertain the idea that we’re losing a war without a shot being fired.

I beg people to research the UN and compare what they learn to what’s happening in our world today. The more you read, the more you’ll see certain words and terms over and over again. Sustainable Development, Social Justice, Green Justice, Environmental Justice, Human Rights, and Developing Countries are some of the better known clichés. If they want you to have a warm fuzzy feeling as they lead you to the edge, you’ll hear partnership, safer, fulfillment, prosperous, improved, protected, achieve, and so on. The phrase “for all” is really getting to me. It doesn’t mean for all hear in the

United States

, it means for all people, or world citizens, irregular immigrants being a very high priority as well. How often did we have to hear healthcare for all before we all got a sore throat from it There is no doubt that most of what they say, has been pre analyzed and a lot of it has more than one meaning. I wrote about “man caused disaster” not meaning some guy caused a disaster, but rather a disaster caused by mankind. Another term I’m getting sick of is “White supremacy.” They aren’t talking about the KKK my friends, they are talking about the industrialized world, Imperialism, and Capitalism, and how White settlers stole this land from the “original people” of North and

Central America


Why hasn’t the federal government made a real attempt to secure the boarder between the

United States and


? Why have they allowed the number of illegal aliens to grow to levels where it’s unlikely to ever be reversed? Who can know the actual number of illegal immigrants in


New Mexico,

Arizona, and


? Could this be working toward open borders and the North American Union in combination with social justice concepts? Are Mexicans flowing across the border and colonizing the South West unwittingly serving the parasitic self appointed social judges and the global governance agenda? I think there are multiple facets to this corrupt power grabbing feeding frenzy, and we are the crop.

First I went searching for evidence that our government is simply following UN direction, and it wasn’t difficult to find. Let’s start with this page posted by Amnesty International. If you scroll down to page six you’ll see a section titled “Defending unprotected people on the move (C2)” with statements like “Challenge the routine practice of detaining people simply for lack of legal status.” They said: “simply for lack of legal status?” Tell that to the Chinese who’ll give you ten years hard labor for spying. http://www.amnesty.org/sites/impact.amnesty.org/files/POL%2050_002


Here’s a December 2007 report posted on UN News Center: “UN calls for protection of migrants’ human rights regardless of legal status.” It calls for access to education, legal protection, and healthcare. This is where I noticed that the word illegal has been replaced by irregular, in standard progressive style. http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=25107&Cr=migrants&Cr1

At the third Global Forum on Migration and Development, hosted by the government of


in 2009, UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon made the following statements:

“…migration is not just a journey of people – it is a journey of policy. Our destination is a global system of mobility…” “Together we seek a transformation of the conditions in which people move across borders …expand their freedoms.” “The evolving system must respond to the new realities of our globalized world.” There’s that word transformation. http://www.un.org/esa/population/migration/Opening_remarks


The UN also favors the redistribution of wealth generated by the Billions of dollars that migrants send back to their “developing” country of origin. $88 billion was sent back to their countries of origin in 2002, according to an address to the European Union by the UN Secretary General in Jan 2004.

It is easy to find UN documents outlining their global objectives like Millennium Development Goals, but there seems to be something else going on. Why is our government continually trying to keep us divided? Why are they continually screaming racism where there isn’t any, or very little? Why is patriotism being demonized, and peaceful Tea Partiers called enemies?

A phrase that I have been noticing a lot is “indigenous people.” Scattered throughout a wide array of sources I find evidence of a desire by some to return this land to its native people. Sound like a crazy idea, just keep doing nothing but watching? Now, it’s not one source that I’ve found that says that, it’s a general feeling from many. There are numerous videos on the web separating the White man from Black, Latino, Native American, and Alaskan. Take a look at this little gem insinuating if your not one of the original people, you’re a slave master or something: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DMjAQbo-mI&NR=1

Do you remember Van Jones? He was the Green Jobs Czar. Remember his speech, “give them the wealth” and “no more broken treaties?” Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLzMx3930k4 .

Here’s a recently circulated video of a supposed Mexican teacher calling for a revolution against skinny White racists, but that’s not hate speech of course. It’s not hate speech because that’s the direction that the pro-socialists want to go in.

Please read about Saul Alinsky, friend of Al Capone, who said: The judgment of the ethics of means is dependent upon the political position of those sitting in judgment. A community organizer in


, Alinsky taught the people who taught Obama. Saul Alinsky began his book “Rules for Radicals” with a tribute to Lucifer“…the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom.”

I tried to come up with a closing paragraph, but it started to encompass too many other related topics. It’s a global movement of incomprehensible proportions involving immigration, universal healthcare, universal education, abortion, population control, Millennium Development Goals, the man caused global warming hoax, redistribution of wealth, and much more. If you try to figure out how it’s affecting the

United States

, well, you have to factor in lies, corruption, social justice, and infiltration of radical community organizers, socialists, communists, and so-called community leaders with their own agendas. I mean: why would

Massachusetts, the home of Progressive producing



, and Amhurst, the city who finds the American flag to be offensive, boycott


for trying to protect itself against illegal immigration? I think we are a land of very confused people, and I think it’s by design.

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