911 “Conspiracy Theory” Vicious Infomercial Attack On America

This week the nation observes 911’s 8th Anniversary with a diabetic memory. It’s like opening a wound that never heals.

President Barack Obama declared this infamy not a day of mourning but “a day of service”.

Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York, tried to interpret what Obama meant when hedeclared September 11“a day of service”. The Mayor “recalled acts of post-9/11 selflessness as links ‘in a continuous chain that stopped us from falling into cynicism and despair.’ ”

How can Obama and Bloomberg be so wrong? Acts of volunteerism in rendering free services to our next neighbor following this national tragedy are positive cynicism to a wound that never heals … positive reactions but cynicism just the same.

Angry but reasonable Americans hide their pain and despair behind those voluntary acts of community service that supposedly signifies “heroism” emanating from ground zero. The humanitarian spirit is the best refuge to mask their deepest concerns for the next terrorist attacks as the nation veers towards the left, and the Obama administration is in effect, coddling terrorism when it vowed to protect the human rights of terrorists responsible for the assassination of Americans and the bombing of



Remember “waterboarding” that exposed a series of terrorist plots to blow up


to smithereens? Obama and the radical left condemned it as a form of “torture” of the captured enemy in this on-going war on terror.


September 11, 2001

, Al Qaeda lost the initiative to harm us. We have never been attacked by violent religious fanatics after that day while former President George W. Bush was in power hunting them down like animals they deserved. It is not disputed that “waterboarding” saved your life and mine; it spared the lives of members of American families, relatives and friends who were then probably living and are still living in over-populated metropolitan areas like Los Angeles or New York, Al Qaeda’s next well-planned targets of WMD called “dirty bombs” but have been uncovered and stopped when because of “waterboarding” those murderous architects of 911 sang like canaries wanting to fly out of their cage!

Obama’s legal bloodhounds are after former President George Bush and everyone in the entire intelligence community directly or indirectly connected to the “waterboarding” of captured terrorists, including all the men and women in uniform of the U.S. Armed Forces who obeyed Bush’s command as Commander-In-Chief! Isn’t that too whacky? Let us all be advocates of liberty and freedom. But you see, in this case, there is no jail in the world big enough to hold them all behind bars, is there?

According to Obama’s most ferocious legal Doberman whose name is not even worth mentioning here, all of them had committed violations of civil and human rights of imprisoned terrorists and should be thrown to the dungeon without mercy. If that is not coddling terrorism, then no one would know what coddling terrorists means.

Like diabetes mellitus we see this presidential disorder in the highest degree [in addition to the politicking-syndrome of the Democrat-controlled Congress] that causes our body politicks “… to produce excessive amount of urine,” politically speaking.

But it is negative cynicism or destructive sarcasm orchestrated by the foreign Media that endangers this country to the next lethal terrorist attacks. This scornful attitude towards


had infected a great number of the local population with regards to the horrendous event that we now simply abbreviate as “911”. Hardly known to most of us, foreign television networks had launched an infomercial attack on


. You heard – and probably read – about it. They call it 911’s Conspiracy Theory!

There is no way that the incredulous will believe it! This so-called 911 Conspiracy Theory is nothing but CBC-BBC’s surreptitious television attack on the

United States


Most of us – if not all of us – have never been aware that following the infamous 911 tragedy,


has been attacked by foreign infomercial journalism. Casualties are gullible Americans, and not surprisingly, on top of the list of victims are gun-sponsoring rebels crying out for blood. Drawn to it like moths to the lamp, are “paper revolutionaries” in the jungle of our urban society deeply engaged in their own war in the name of lost freedom – real or imagined.

Taking advantage of this “Conspiracy …” infomercial attack by foreign-owned television networks, are thosereacting easy-to-fleece Americans in our fractious society, more particularly violent advocates of change, radical activists, and quite a number of Americans who hates America deep down the marrow of their bones. It should not be a surprise to all why leftist ideologues ride on the back of this calumny.

By the way, these reacting activists are a formidable force to reckon with. In the last electoral polls, they made history – by electing Barack Obama first black president of the

United States

! Of course I am not discrediting what ACORN had done for Obama in the last presidential election, fair or foul. So let’s not fool ourselves of what they can do … for better or for worse that this nation may enjoy or endure.

For those who still do not know, “Conspiracy Theory” was one of the best-selling media “goods” of CBC-BBC in a nationally watched Fifth Estate television program outlet. It is based on a narration of events that supposedly had taken place prior to the 911 attacks that have never been confirmed! The narratives are “accusations of wrongdoing” against the United States detailing how rottenthe American people and their national leadership are, thus causing Islam’s fundamentalists in the Middle East like Al Qaeda and their terrorists to celebrate and therefore must be authenticated or denied. Since this narration of specific events was neither denied nor confirmed, it remains just hearsay if not pure fiction.

I read the written version of the “conspiracy” word for word more than three times because I want to write about it. Here’s shy: Lawyers have to investigate facts to earn their bread and butter; and journalists of more than four decades whose credentials consist of several excellence awards in journalism, must be able to conclude that only dim-witted bigots would believe that some pages of the 911 Congressional Report that were supposedly missing authenticate the theory that those written events had ever occurred.

In fact I am more inclined to conclude that the sub-story of the “missing pages” was deliberately planted to persuade the gullible public to believe that the “Conspiracy Theory” was true. The gullible would tend to argue as a result of this calculated machination, that if the theory is not true, why are some pages of the report missing? Cool, isn’t it?

It was cleverly done … no question about it. A do-or-die activist who hates his mother more than his mother-in-law and who despises and grossly criticizes the Establishment, would believe that he is a bastard when someone weaves a theory that his mother is a whore! In fact he would believe that he is a son-of-a-gun even though his mother was in fact a descent God-fearing nun who married his father, a morally upright religious preacher who was faithfully serving God and his congregation!

CBC is Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and BBC is


’s “publicly funded organization that provides radio and television services.”[1] It needs “stories” like how roses badly need the rain in summer – reports, accounts or tales that would catch public attention and entice public contributions, private donations or civic funding of the network. It does not matter whether or not it is a story of Alibaba and the Forty Thieves not in fiction but in real life, so long as this media project is reported as a “true to life” happening or at least has a semblance of credulity.

In medical science, CBC is often confused and mistaken as an abbreviation for a Complete Blood Count. This editorial refers to CBC in our diabetic infomercial system whose insulin fails to regulate a high level of glucose in the blood which produces excessive political excretions as well as a bowlful of ill-gotten wealth.

Consider this and think about it: Right after the Fifth Estate’s attack on American gullibility was aired, it was a “hit” for a multi-million-dollar rake!

In the bar of public opinion, as if the producers had won a multi-billion-dollar lottery worldwide! In the

United States

, this “Conspiracy …” fantasy became a “celebrity”! But for as long as the narration of events is not confirmed, authenticated, rejected or denied, this celebrated castle in the sky, although a weird creation of wayward journalism, remains a disquieting fiction that undeniably captures attention and subjugates the mind of the gullible.

In the dark side of the Media, the buying public makes this flight of the imagination of television producers and literary artists a virtual goldmine.

“Conspiracy …” became one of the most celebrated “narrative novels” ever written with videos released on television. It crucified


, particularly nailing the Bush family on the Cross – for what it is worth, re, television’s fortune in rogue journalism.

According to this well-written innuendo in the theory,


connived with

Saudi Arabia

in launching the 911 attacks to kill our fellow-Americans because of “oil”.

That we are dependent on Saudi “oil” and “subservient” to the whims and caprices of Saudi Arabia’s Royal Family because of oil, is virtually true. What is not true is the insinuation that because Osama bin Laden was connected to the Saudi ruling family, we would use terrorists as an excuse to destroy

New York

and the Pentagon and kill thousands of our own countrymen since we are that “subservient” to the Royal Family for the barrels of oil we need.

This is the part of the theory that rubs salt to the injury. It is bordering on insanity. It is simply preposterous! It abuses the mind of even those average Americans who have not gone to school to learn what’s right and wrong; and it insults as well the intelligence of even those who just learn from gut shot who are pulling their legs, or when they are taken for a ride!

With our naked eyes, we saw on the screens of broadcast televisions the airplanes manned by terrorists that rammed

New York

’s twin trade center buildings before the structures collapsed to the ground. The ignorant whose credulity was gobbled up by this “Conspiracy Theory”, believed those who fed the mind with garbage that the buildings collapsed because of “demolition bombs” planted under those buildings, not because the buildings were hit by the hijacked jetliners!

In effect, the “Conspiracy Theory” converted the reality of flying airlines hitting the buildings that we saw, into fiction, and made the “demolition bomb” fantasy into reality!

Anyway, no amount of political, ideological and diabolical “engineering” or hocus-pocus to justify this demolition bomb theory would make normal-thinking Americans believe that the skyscrapers were leveled to the ground by planted explosives – not by the commandeered jetliners that the terrorists had flown directly into the buildings which we saw on television.

We know for a fact that haters of


coddle terrorists and defend their deadly cause even just to spite


… especially radical extremists whose revulsion against what those buildings stand for becomes aggressively delusional.

Remember Chalmers Johnson’s “Nemesis: The Last Days of the



? Angry Americans formed a bee-line at some bookstores to buy a copy. Read it and you will find out for yourself that the book was journalism’s print-word infomercial attack on


. Here it no longer matters whether the narratives are true or false.

What matters is the suffocating hatred of America that these toxic literatures aim to spread out and contaminate others like a raging epidemic; it fired up radical activism in the country and sent more shouting activists and rampaging leftists to the streets worldwide; they torched the American flag, spat at the image of the President of the United States, and what America represented to the world went up in smoke as they hanged effigies by the neck before they burned them down to the ground. Properties were destroyed and lives were lost as a result of riots! Don’t ask me whose cause benefited from this intentionally created anarchy and who profited from it!

In ancient “Nemesis …”, reality in infomercial print journalism or radio and television is artfully faked for commercial purposes. Even Johnson’s commercial side of “Nemesis …” is a version of many others previously published, i.e., for one a fiction novel written by Isaac Asimov, an Earth scientist fearful of the end of the world is a good example – in Johnson’s version, it is the end of America!

There are more “Nemesis …” of this kind; also another example is one authored by Richard Muller, and still another “hits” are those detective novels, books and stories written by Agatha Christie, produced on stage and the cinema or shown in grindhouses, etc. – these are all beautifully written figments of the imagination that make money, and catapult writers to fame. [See the widely published Art of Horror written by this author when he conducted a cinematographic review of B-movies]

Recently, certain television networks run the story of the War of the Gods. We know for example, that



and Hercules are creations of archaic littérateurs in Greek mythology. This charmed episode programmed by television artists even showed the mountains and the battlefields in


where the War of the Gods at



supposedly had taken place! It is fiction “infomercialized” with the semblance of truth. The $worth of commercials [advertisements or ads run between breaks] pocketed by imaginative television producers are heavyweight earnings in the cookie jar that no doubt had fattened their bankbook!

Remembering 911 any day is poignant with memories of the dead, the dying and those – perhaps millions of Americans – that are still going to die or virtually dead in time because infomercial attacks of foreign television networks distort our awareness of reality … and in the case of this so-called 911 “Conspiracy Theory”, it obscured the fact that for centuries and until now we are at war with Islamic fundamentalist marauders whose acts of terrorism are aimed to force us down to our knees and embrace their way of life. It is us or them eternally fighting for the survival of a civilization that rises from the catacomb of the dead that both sides had sent to the battlefield to fight and die for a cause.

What is even worse than this catastrophic production and sale of commercialized stories either intended for both goodwill and profit is the fact that the enemy within – and believe me there is a whole army of them brandishing the sword of retribution – is not just encouraged or psyched up to die for their cause but also actually energized to act boldly and wantonly against America and destroy us all, while producers of rogue journalism the likes of CBC and BBC whistle their way to the bank at the expense of our own eventual demise! #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS,

September 13, 2009


The writer is an award-winning journalist. Know more about the author by reading his published editorials and feature articles or you may e-mail your comment to ed.superx722@yahoo.com.

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