50 Days +/- To The Election Or Marxist Revolution

by David M. Duncan, MD –
Lexington, KY –

What are Biden-Harris promoting to preserve your family’s security and the safety of our nation?

Defunding and firing police leadership and officers leading to mass resignations.

Prohibiting non-violent riot control means (tear gas).

Shooting cops at every opportunity….Shoot to kill.

Threatening the 2nd Amendment again and reintroducing gun confiscation.

Promoting riots, looting, violence in the street by BLM and Antifa, radical elements of the Democrat Party.

Allowing no-bond release of criminals. Promoting the payment of bonds through the Freedom Fund by Kamala Harris.

This is all leading to chaos, the intended outcome, everyone.

Once critical mass has been reached it won’t be stoppable.

The United States will rapidly deteriorate into something you won’t recognize. I’ve personally witnessed it more times than I care to say.

It is Marxist revolution concomitant with tyranny, tribalism, retribution, persecution, martial law, massive human suffering, total economic collapse, and oligarchic rule.

You name it.

Hell, you’ve seen it, too, in movies, in the news. and for some…in person.

When our societal structure collapses it will happen quickly and brutally.

This is the domestic national security platform of the Democrat Party, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Bloomberg, and Soros et al.”

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