3rd rate Inman, Muqtada al-Sadr threatens WAR!

I didn’t know whether to laugh out loud or shiver in my boots.

Of course, when a fatwa, or declaration of war, on the United States of America, home of, still, the World’s most powerful armed forces, by a not to well known ex-CIA asset from Saudi-Arabia was first published in Al Quds Al Arabi, a London-based newspaper, in August, 1996, and then seen on national Television news, no one paid much attention either. The then president Wm. Clinton was too busy chasing women around the White House and eating at McDonalds during his morning fitness jog.

It is documented that the Clinton Administration could have captured or killed Osama bin Laden on 9 different occasions. But we waited until he murdered >3,000 innocent American civilians before we put a price on his head.

Still, when we didn’t find him quickly enough in Afghanistan, we declared war on a 2nd rate potentate who was only killing his own people and defying the United Nations. Saddam Hussein never threatened the United States of America. In fact, WE put him in power about 30 years before we declared war on him.

Now, we seem to have forgotten all about bin Laden and are focused on the next loudmouth Islamo-fascist, Muqtada al-Sadr who first came to the TV audience’s attention on Tuesday, April 6th, 2004 when he and his “Mighty Mahdi Army” took control of the holy city of Najaf and billeted themselves in the Imam Ali Shrine, creating a command post, sniper location, ammo dump, recruitment center, in other words, creating what would seem to any military observer, like a prime military target out of what was once one of Shia Muslim's holiest shrines.

U.S. officials worried ‘way back then, that if al-Sadr's movement grew in popularity, "then we would have a challenge on our hands," said U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Martin Dempsey. Yet, The World’s Greatest, Most Powerful Armed Forces chose not to bomb al-Sadr and his Mahdi “army” out of existence when they had the chance. The Commander in Chief and his politicians were too afraid of World Public Opinion to operate in a Wartime Combat Situation how any Military Command in any REAL war in history would have acted in such a position.

Even though the U.S. has had a history of not destroying churches and other holy places, when The Enemy desecrates his own Holy Place, and turns it into a military target, we should not hesitate to destroy the Military Target!

Now we face the product of that politically correct military mistake. War and Politics never mix.

If we had used enough BLU-82B or “Daisy Cutter” bombs, which destroy anything in a 600-yard radius in Najaf, to eliminate the perceived threat of al-Sadr and his “army” back then, we would not have to face him today.

BLU-82B bombs are so bulky they must be delivered by C-130 cargo planes.

But, we have another chance. Here he is, now, actually threatening to make war on American Troops on a peaceful Nation Building Mission in Iraq. He’s occupying Sadr City, a large slum of Baghdad. He has complained that The U.S. Armed Forces dare attempt to wall off the North End of that miserable slum to keep the Green Zone from being bombarded by mortar fire.

I would say Muqtada al-Sadr is laying down the gauntlet and, “Asking for it!”, in pure Military Terms…

He wouldn’t do that, and, neither would “The Nazi of Iran” raise his voice against The Most Powerful Army, Navy and Air Force the world has ever seen, if our government would, for once, since 9/11, take off its kid gloves and treat these third rate bullies to REAL WAR!

Use 27 C-130 cargo planes, flown in at altitudes from 7000 to 9000 feet from 27 points on the compass to deliver the HELL on Earth in the form of 27 “Daisy Cutters” that WAR is to Sadr City and its namesake. Of course, there would be strafing fire from a squadron or two of F-16’s just before lumbering C-130’s made their passes, so as to suppress ground fire on the bombers.

Even China, North Korea, and the rest of the Middle East would finally understand that, provoked enough, The United States Military can, and will end a war in the most devastating of ways.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki are 63 years in dim history. None of the 20 – 50 yr old combatants in the Middle East today were even born when those atomic bombs exploded on the WWII scene and ended that war. Of course, I am not advocating the production of radio-active wastelands just to end a war anymore.

I just feel that Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Queada, The Mahdi “army”, the drug dealers of Mexico, Columbia, and around the world, and any other terrorist organization that does not reverence the United States Resolve to live in a drug free, terrorist free, peaceful world should recognize there is a price to pay for awaking the “Sleeping Giant”, as Admiral Yamamoto did when he attacked Pearl Harbor.

There is a military solution to the “war” in Iraq. I have just given it to you. If 27 BLU-82B’s aren’t enough, well, how many do we have to use; what else would you suggest; and where would we use them?

The problem the American People have is: Just what kind of insult or inconvenience would be enough to wake us up to the “Sure and Present Danger” of Islamo-fascist aggression around the world. We cannot afford to be “Politically Correct” any longer.

Pretty soon, Red China or Iran will put together a large enough military force one of them, or both, in concert, will think it is safe to attack us. Then, we’ll be fighting a 3 or 4 front war: China, maybe Iran, The Drug Cartels (which should have been slapped down when Nixon inaugurated “The War on Drugs” June 17th, 1971) and the Islamo-fascist terrorists we already know.

Call, write to, Fax and E-mail your Congress Person and Senator and tell them we must be a door mat to the world’s villains’ no longer!

We cannot afford “Political Correctness” in war, or in Combat. Our troops cannot have their arms tied behind their backs with inane “Rules of Engagement” that get them killed, and make The Enemy feel safe. Tell them that War was invented long ago to kill people and break things, and, that, if they don’t like it, then bring the troops home along with all their equipment in the next 6 weeks – yes, I have it on authority of a combat logistics expert it could be done that soon – and deploy them along the Southern border, but, never let them out of the country, where they may have to make a life threatening decision again.

Let China, Iran, Al-Queada and Hezbollah divvy up the rest of the world.

Would they like that?

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