[3] Green Politics: Neither Dinosaurs Nor Pigs!

This lipstick attack comparing Gov. Sarah Palin to a pig is grossly barbarian. It is an unacceptable behavior of cheap politicians still in the cave of backwoods politics.

This barbarism of a Democrat candidate running for president of the United States stirs predators in the jungle of American politics. Pandering left-leaning Media is out for blood.

The liberal Media is now a monkey biting on Palin’s back. It kept on investigating Palin’s background, including the secrets of her private life and that of her family.

There is nothing wrong investigating the background of anyone running for public office. But if the purpose of the investigation is merely to obtain sordid information to damage the candidate, something is awfully wrong in that suspicious practice of journalism.

Furthermore, if something negative is found in the course of the investigation, in reporting this out, it must be balanced with the positive discovery about the candidate. That is what is meant by "fairness" in news reporting under the rule of investigative journalism. Only pseudo-journalists are not aware of this scholarly inscribed caveat, or if they knew are ill-motivated in the practice of their trade.

We know that in the case of Palin, the bloody scavengers of sleazy information disguised as news reporters, only focused on the privacy of her family, like the DUI record of her husband, and the pregnancy of her daughter.

This is in addition to the personal information about the private life of Gov. Palin that are concocted or invented or imagined, for the purpose of spinning them into sensational headlines and banner stories.

It is clear to the American public that the objective of the ravenous Media is to scrape the bottom of the barrel hoping to find something – anything at all linked to the Governor’s personal life — so that she could be discredited when exposed to public contempt and ridicule.

In the science of the quill and the ink, quite a number of us have studied and taught journalism. I did. I know the dirty tricks of yellow journalism that should be avoided if one is to become a real journalist in the study of this profession where many are called but only few are chosen. I will cite an example of what I am talking about for the information and basic understanding of our reading public.

In a recent CNN TV interview, a Palin paparazzi tricked the Governor into answering a loaded question. She was asked what she thinks of the "Bush Docrtine". But Palin was smart. Before responding to the question, she asked this paparazzi in the tube for specifics, "what aspect of the doctrine" the question was referring to.

And since Palin was requesting for a bill of particulars to intelligently answer the nebulous question asked, the predators of the Media headlined her "ignorance" of the "Bush Doctrine" [for God’s sake!]. The Palin inquiry was maliciously interpreted to mean that for asking information before answering the question, she did not know what the "Bush Doctrine" means!

As expected, Media sharks then spun this "inexperienced" image, and drew this "unfit" portrait of the Republican candidate for vice president who is supposedly just a heartbeat away from the presidency.

The way the question was asked was so stupid or amateurish to say the least, but at the same time it was also so treacherous it hides a dagger in the back.

Palin was clever to ask for specifics of the tricky question because actually the so-called "Bush Doctrine" is a generalization of U.S. foreign policies on threats to national security, the war on terror, pre-emptive strikes, harboring of terrorists, U.S. support of democracy in the Middle East and what have you. The doctrine was Bush’s response to 9/11 after we declared war on terror. The strikes on Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq spun from this doctrine.

So when Palin asked what aspect of the doctrine the Media was referring to, she was absolutely right. Obviously, the CNN interviewer was scheming to catch Palin as his targeted prey … his trophy, if you may, in a media hunting expedition. He failed. He becomes a disgrace to CNN and to us people of the Media. This shady interviewer should go back to school for a refresher in Journalism and learn how to ask important questions in a high profile media interview.

It is also important for the public to know how vulture-like information chiselers of the Media worm their way out of the hole.

MSNBC’s Chris Mathews tried to defend himself and the scavenging media interviewer I just cited [spinners of CNN, MSNBC and counterparts in the dark side of the Media]. MSNBC’s host of Hardball was actually speaking in behalf of the different species of crocodiles in the dark side of the Media by salivating over the duty of journalists to dig up information on Palin because the Governor is running for VP. But not that kind of digging, which was actually fishing for rundown information, intended to destroy Palin. That’s not the duty of legitimate journalists in the lighted side of the Media … that’s the X-mark of sharks in the dark side foraging for prey to bite and start a feeding frenzy for sensationalism.

I know that MSNBC’s rabid Liberals Chris Mathews and Keith Obermann understand what I am talking about and should reboot their computerized format of attacks on Palin, regroup and make amends to protect their credibility, and spare the public of a deadly harm to the Press and to our freedom of expression. As a journalist of more than 45 years, I am embarrassed by the kind of journalism they represent. That’s why I am suggesting a way how they should get out of the hole they are now in.

But sadly, I also know that these incorrigibles of the pandering Media couldn’t backtrack for the sake of courtesy and fair play because as Media’s politically rabid, left-leaning Liberals, they are so damned good at double-facing and double-crossing their loyalty between the Fourth Estate and their self-interest, that in their particular case there is no hope of recognizing, admitting and rectifying their mistake in public.

With their kind around, Obama is in a good company of his class in that department of political mayhem that just stunned the innocent public into believing that these guys are the smartest S.O.Bs in the world of journalism and mass communication.

But the worst of Obama’s oratorical savagery in public is even more invasive when this brute-like lipstick attack on hockey moms running for public office are driven by a runaway appetite for graveyard politics. For, to imply that popular Republicans like Gov. Palin, a hockey mom of five kids, are a bunch of swine – religiously abhorred and resented like dirty pork that Obama and radical Muslims supporters hate to see being serve on the table of public opinion — is, to say the least, animalistic!

Green politics of this kind good for quadruped herbivores of the antediluvian era, makes decrepit clowns out of today’s leftist chameleons in the Media. The foul-mouthed candidate of the Democratic Party for president plays the fool of all the comics left standing.

And this explains why there is an urgent necessity to remind the Obama campaign and those in the Media that Mathews and Obermann represent, that we Americans – we the people of this greatest nation on the planet — are not head over heels beholden to the Liberals’ politicized environment as we are indebted first to, and therefore devoted disciples of, the Supreme Creator of the environment. We are not Godless pretenders that the radical Left are — politicized protectors of the environment!

In addition, a reminder is also important for Obama and his media rah-rah boys not to forget, that since time immemorial Americans are adherents of Lincoln’s secular politics that historically serves humankind well on the road to unity and progress not only in America but the world over, as contradistinguished from the radicals’ hostile insular politics that Obama & Co. espouse, which is a disservice to our geophysical and social wellbeing in this still racially troubled America.

Liberal trouble makers should be the first to know that Americans are not all Republicans, the enemy of the environment in the eyes of the Democrats.

Even if we impulsively stretch our imagination and for a moment foolishly believe that Americans are all Republicans and therefore the enemy of the Democrats, still it is rudely presumptuous for the Liberals like Obama, Al Gore and the scurrilous leftist Media to launch a media blitz that the conservative population of this country is wantonly disrespectful of the environment when in fact perhaps they love the environment even more than the Democrats do! This is what the Obama campaign always forget or take for granted; and even those in the Obama camp who are free of Alzheimer syndrome maybe aware but cannot and will never understand.

The truth is, we recreate the environment and kill for survival and progress. We are human beings – okay, two-legged dinosaurs that kill if you may – but not of the Jurassic world that Obama & Co. still think we are!

If we are creatures of the geologic time that Obama & Co. still think we are, we would even love the environment more as it was hundreds of millions of years ago and, at the same time, curse the balls of fire that dropped from the sky and changed life on this planet completely. But we are not.

That’s what our self-styled guardians of human habitat would want us to believe and want us to be. We warped back in time when dinosaurs once roamed the earth.

Obama’s political behavior on Palin when lipstick makes the difference between a soccer mom and a pit bull, attests to that mental obsolescence and behavioral antiquity seen in Obama’s disrespectful public demeanor.

In this modern world where they found themselves uncomfortable but as sly as a weasel, they love to iron-swing golf ball politics. They cried out loud fore [!] every time they tee-off their environmental protests. Their pitch is, we shouldn’t tinker with Nature. If we do, we run into a headwind of environmental disasters.

But that’s not our human nature. We are not terrestrial reptiles of the Mesozoic Era. We sail through the headwind of environmental protests as we march onward to progress. That’s what we do, and that was what we have already done, and are still continuously doing as we turn our attention to a regular and frequent planetary voyages to outer space!

Today radical environmentalists that even try to upstage Obama promised us hell for burning the air causing global warming and for raising the sea level after tinkering with the environment in supposedly many objectionable ways.

But let’s not forget like the Democrats always do that in prehistoric time, we cleared our path in the most hostile surroundings where we lived as food to carnivorous predators, found our way through the changing land of the dinosaurs and onward continued our journey out of the woods of primitive time towards modern civilization.

In short, we are reconstructing the natural landscape into a modern habitat for humankind, not the environment recreating us to live in the cave like how the Liberals and the radical Left love to warp us back in time and space.

It is clear to me as it is no doubt also clear to every sensible American that the Liberals and the Left are mouthing their protests to high heavens without really knowing what they want, where they are and what direction they want to go.

Listen to this carefully: They are fierce advocate of their philosophy for change, and yet they are also vicious opponents of change! To Liberals – and this is even written down in their political gospel — to change anything is a universal paradigm, but to change the environment is like committing murder!

Think about it: Obama’s campaign for the presidency supported by the Media that Mathews and Obermann personify, is for change … change… change! It is a dream, an obsession, to change the world.

The change Obama & Co. want will not only start from Washington, D.C. but will also ultimately start changing all aspects of life in America – be it political, cultural, economic, and what have you … an envisioned change from the old to the promised new way of life under what the Obama campaign and its media props are trumpeting nationwide as the new America under the historic rule of a Democrat black president!

If after "dirty bombs" are exploded in America with devastation of cataclysmic proportionsand our spangled banner is still waving in the air under the rule of Obama linked to Al Qaeda, the new environment we live will be so altered it may no longer be recognizable. In straight talk, when this precipitous rule starts, you and I may not even recognize America, the one that we used to know!

In the meantime, those who modify the environment, i.e. developers that cut down trees and clear the woods to build a community and homes for Americans — get physically harmed and murdered. The protesting attackers’ changing pattern of behavior is akin to that of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. This is the kind of physical and political changes of environment that their disturbed DNA is triggered to switch from that of Dr. Jekyll to that of the hostile and dangerous Mr. Hyde in the wink of an eye.

In this illustration, those who are for change become murderers against change. They are ready to jump on any agent of change … against anyone at all who thinks of changing any physical and metaphysical aspects of the environment towards progress!

It is imperative to remind again the Obama campaign that we are humans no longer living in the cave – certainly not dinosaurs that need the preservation and restoration of our environment into that prehistoric level of archeological antiquity – but we are intelligent bipeds determined to own and protect this planet and improve life in it throughout the ages.

The society we have created in America after those long and perilous years of struggle has no more room for dinosaurs of the past, and for barbarians that in time had lost their way into this millennium.

Better still, we must let lipstick politicians like Obama understand that for a president who would rule this country with politics too green for our standard of decency, is unacceptable!

We are destined to live in this planet till the end of time. That means that in this leading world of democracy, we Americans are here to stay until our misbehaving politicians evaporate or self-destruct at their own accord.

In the final analysis, we either perish because of toxic wastes – acid rain that befalls on us the moment politicians like Obama open their mouth — or exist until this hell of politicized environmental protests that undermine our intelligence, freezes over. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. NWS access September 14, 2008.

The writer is an award-winning journalist. Go to NWS homepage, click on the columnist button to know more about the author or you may e-mail your comment at: ed.superx722@yahoo.com.sg

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