2013:” Death And Taxes Are The Only Things Dependable”

by George Weir

There are two things that we can be assured of, “Death and Taxes”, anything beyond that is anybody’s guess. But many of the ups and downs of living in America can be avoided by a more positive attitude, and a more hands on approach to taking care of the problems that we are entrusted with, and to see that we do these things with complete (Honesty).

Our nation is entering 2013 on shifting soil. The American people has entrusted to congress the heavy load of regulating our budget, keeping our taxes low, and creating more jobs, but what do we find them doing” (Bickering and placing the blame on someone else but themselves).
Entering 2013, our Nation is faced with some serious unsolved problems, such as the four Americans murdered at Benghazi. This is where honesty is expected. The family’s of the four brave Americans that lost their lives on that bloody day in Benghazi, deserve to know the whole truth of the matter, but they see nothing but finger pointing and lies.

Sure, if and when the truth is finally reveled, heads will probably roll, but truth must be restored in American politics.

Our politicians must find some common ground and learn to work together, else, this Nation will never see the greatness that our founding fathers envisioned when laying the foundation and construction the principles on which has served this Nation without any excuses.

This nation is without any doubt at a cross-road, and like any good citizen we look to the government to solve all the problems, and as we all know, the government at the moment is the problem.

Not that we are perfect, we as Americans have a problem of our own,…(Debt), not government debt, but debt which belongs only to ourselves.

I know from experience, that one can’t outspend his income, but many Americans have tried, and they have found themselves in a hole and to wake up in the morning with a positive attitude while owing more money each month than one can pay is impossible.

We are entering into 2013 with the prospects of higher taxes, and without any doubt higher inflation, and this is where the rubber begins to meet the road. For many with the outstanding debt that they are now saddled with, they will be most certainly be looking at even tougher times.

Not only does our federal Government need to get their thinking hats on, so does most Americans.
That is where 2012 comes in,…..we as American citizens, and the Federal government need to look back on 2012 and recognize the mistakes that have been made, and with a (Hands on attitude), and a renewed sense of pure honesty and seeing the need to set things strait, and with the determination to get back to the principles that has serves this country well in the past, can serve it well in the future.
Yes, I believe 2013 can be a year that will go down in history as “A year of Positive Change”.

The leaders of this great Nations must realize that they have been elected by the people to carry the heavy burden of seeing that the peoples taxes are being used in a responsible and useful way, and not squandered on (Pie in the Sky) programs, that only cost money with no return.

Yes sir, 2013 can be great. It can be a year when family’s settle their differences, and when family’s work to get their financial house in order.

2013 can be the year of renewed commitment to making that first step toward (Honesty), and that commitment must start at the (Top of our Government). When our youth see honesty at the very top of government, and honesty in our Congress, our Nation will be well on it’s way to prosperity, and, again this Nation will be the light that will give light to the those that live in darkness around the World.

George T. Weir
307 N. Church
Jacksboro, Texas…76458

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