2010 Is Year Of Terrorists

From Obama to Al Qaeda terrorists, Happy New Year!

This holiday season, Al Qaeda and Obama had exchanged landmark Christmas presents.

2010 is the Year of Terrorists. In 2009, Obama gave his historic X’mas gift to Al Qaeda terrorists – their constitutional right to a civilian court trial in the

United States !

In exchange for this gift to terror, Al Qaeda sent Obama a remarkable Christmas present … Umar Farouk Abdumutallab with a divine mission to blow up an airborne transatlantic jetliner on Christmas Day!

In case anyone misses it by a mile, that botched airline bombing is an expression of gratitude from those who greet everyone a Merry Christmas from the bowels of the earth.

To the underworld, perhaps the happiest Happy New Year greeting terrorists have ever received is from President Barack Hussein Obama. 2010 marks the year Obama will start the ground work for his historic declaration to the world that in

America terrorists have a right to a federal court trial equal to the constitutional right of Americans they kill.

The Obama government will kick off the Year 2010 with the trial in

New York’s federal court of 911 Al Qaeda terrorist mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, et. al. With a battery of lawyers, the condemned accused hope to be acquitted so that they can kill again.

Thus during those turbulent years of confronting terror, 2010 is the year Americans fear the most. Since

September 11, 2001, the president terrorists dreaded the most was George W. Bush. Experiencing fear for their life, terrorists were hiding in the bush while Bush was relentlessly hunting them down like animals they deserved. They couldn’t attack since then. This probably explains why you and I, families and friends are still alive today.

Now terrorists are out of the woods where they have been hiding for almost ten years. Obviously, Obama is the president Al Qaeda loves the most.

Today if Al Qaeda assassins are captured after they blew up human bodies and buildings to smithereens, they are assured by no less than the President of the

United States

that they can declare their innocence in a civilian court. Until they are proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt, they have a fair chance similar to that of citizens they kill, of being declared innocent … a right that is protected under the U.S. Constitution which amazingly terrorists now equally enjoy under the Obama administration.

It is one way of saying that when terrorists who came from Hell and their victims have equal rights to our civilian court, we virtually nail our own coffin.

Obama’s legal dictum from the darker side of our judicial limbo that now protects terrorists is not difficult for the unsophisticated millions all over the country to understand why 2010 is the year of terror.

In other words, even a retarded quadriplegic in a wheelchair under Obama’s healthcare plan awaiting approval in Congress will fear the consequences when terrorists are given equal constitutional rights to due process; we are talking of religious fanatics from the Middle East emboldened to kill as many Americans they can to get their sacred gate passes to heaven! And that

Virginia is too scary for you to think about for it runs a tingling down your spine!

Given this terrifying realization, we do not only lose the war on terror but we virtually nail our own coffin because we happened to have a politically correct president obsessed of liberty and civil rights mistakenly extended even to the deadly enemy of freedom itself … to predators of freedom we face in the battlefield everyday who even just to obtain a symbolic victory in this war on terror are horrendously consumed by their dogged determination to topple down our Statue of Liberty with a single nuclear blast of their dirty bomb!

This right to court trial is different from and on top of the right of terrorists in military custody to the writ of habeas corpus that our legislating leftist liberal Justices of the Supreme Court had handed down on June 12, 2008 in a politicized majority opinion under the consolidated cases of Al Odah v. United States and Boumediene v. Bush.

This 2010 judicial face-lift may shock millions of Americans caught by surprise but it shouldn’t stun the skeptic because Federal court trial of Muslim terrorists is a new legal entitlement afforded to killers that swooped down on us from Islam lands, which is part of Obama’s Islamization of America.

Simply stated, it means that Al Qaeda terrorists need not worry anymore while we have to worry even more when they kill Americans or do another 911 anytime they want for fear of depriving themselves of their day in court. When caught, their right to trial in civilian courts is not only assured and secured but also protected for as long as Obama is in power!

In this altered legal system, Al Qaeda bombers, disguised assassins coming from their Middle East terrorist training camps and their hooded accomplices that operate in the neighborhood to defeat America in this protracted war on terror may even be entitled to their Miranda right before any arrest can be made legal. Failing to read their Miranda right, their ACLU lawyers will fight tooth and nail for the dismissal of their murder cases, which means that by sheer technicality, they can be acquitted and good as new to kill again.

But nothing of this sort is going to happen if this nation’s grandstanding Commander-In-Chief did not rush his decision to close the Guantanamo camp late this month of January 2010 and while captured terrorists are jailed for committing their crimes against humanity, their right to trial is confined in the existing Military Tribunal that U.S. Congress has created by law. So far, 20 % or “one of five terror suspects ordered released from Guantanamo Bay prison has returned to the fight” according to classified Pentagon report. Watchout … maybe you and I are here today, but gone tomorrow!

Naturally, we do not need the brain of rocket scientists to know that to try super 911 terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, et. al. in

New York ’s federal court is pointless if not downright stupid! That it is idiocy to make that move is also given.

The truth is, the focus of public attention and the onus of general concern is not supposed to be there but here in what I am writing about, and I repeat: Our legal system is undergoing a radical face-lift and this

New York trial is just part of Obama’s Islamization of America! But I am afraid that the number of Americans who knew about this sting or what is behind this political road show attraction can only be counted in our fingers.

Obama embraces Islam and he sees to it that Muslim terrorists have right to court equal if not more than that of every innocent American they kill. Worth the risk of being repetitious, I want to state it over and over again if I have to in order to stress the important core value of this editorial without any further elaborate explanation … that in Obama’s Islamic mind, incarcerated Muslim terrorists should have equal right to trial in our civilian courts with that of Americans they beheaded, mutilated and/or without mercy have blown up to kingdom come!

And that’s justice to all using the sword of Islam that drips with blood under which in Indonesia Obama has been brought up with as a Muslim child taught to embrace the divine teachings of Jihad … which to us no doubt comes from the dark side of Islam … if we are not too shy to say it boldly loud and clear. The collateral point to stress in this editorial is the fact that this exposure could no longer be made to disappear at the snap of the administration’s fingers [could no longer be covered up] in spite of persistent and inconsistent denials on the part of Obama’s failing public relations magicians whom angry Americans are showing a dirty finger.

Cleverly Machiavellian as his chameleon tongue can be, Obama speechified that the tinkering of our existing legal system in favor of Islamic terrorists in prison [their right to habeas corpus] – never mind the mass murder, blowing up of buildings, threat to national security, the destruction of our geopolitical landscape and the terror they sowed across the land of which they are being held accountable — is a promised change of America in the name of the “American people” and their “traditional values”.

And that’s where this terrible lie hits the consciousness of the American public like a column of treacherous Japanese submarine torpedoes fired from the silence of the depth that almost wiped out the unsuspecting American Naval Fleet in

Pearl Harbor. Earlier last month, the nation observed this infamy, reminiscent of an unparalleled treachery similar to 911 that could never be forgotten.

For, indeed, the shameless ideological distortion of our traditional values by the present national leadership is mind-boggling, to say the least. Overreaching our concept of freedom and liberty to favor the murderous scum of the earth, i.e., the likes of 911 mastermind terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, is not – and will never be — a welcome transformation of America, nor would it be a revolutionary alteration of this land of the free to be admired and supported by the American people except perhaps by those “diehard and compulsively loyal” Obamafollowers, to borrow an overused cliché from the steaming disgruntled by millions in a census count.

But to Obama and his legalese trumpeters that work overtime in turning

America into a country of Mohammed, the tinkering of our legal system should be a welcome change for

America . Obama expects obeisance to and public adulation for this grand design. “I have complete confidence in the American people and our legal traditions …” Obama said in pushing this controversial change in our judicial system in an amorous but suspicious way … like spooning a Tabasco sauce into the mouth and down the throat of every protesting American across the land who hated him the most.

This country is known to be the land of “fair and square” in meting out justice where justice is due. We used to hang them dead by the neck for stealing herds of cattle at gunpoint or lynch them even just for dropping the cleaver on the heads of stolen chicken for dinner. That’s because those misguided adventures are not legally and morally right.

In ancient literature, somewhere in time that civilization had almost forgotten, to kill a mockingbird is like having a stolen sex with someone else’s wife or husband, and the stoning of the promiscuous spouse is a penalty that is hardly different from the punishment a shoplifter gets – they cut off that naughty thing [a good example is President Bill Clinton’s libido gone wild], similar to how they nicely amputate the hand of the thief.

Clinton ’s libido was eviscerated, and his “manness” was without mercy, surgically disemboweled in public.

Under that almost forgotten justice system, cutting it clean in full view of the public, was an art … a butcher’s finest artistry, for everyone to see to warn wrongdoers or to serve notice to those with criminal inclination to manifest their clandestine desires in a rather self-satisfying but mischievous if not evil way.

The art of meting out malleable retribution or soft glove justice to confined Islamic criminals in Guantanamo Bay who are guilty as hell for cutting the throat of innocent Americans, raping women, mutilating bodies, slashing women’s breasts and lopping off our soldiers’ private parts and hanging them by the bridge … for blowing up New York’s twin towers and the Pentagon building and burying more than six thousand innocent lives under the rubble, is out of this world compared to how they severely punish evil wrongdoers in the old days.

A shocking departure from what is “fair and square” kind of justice, Obama coddles those Islamic two-legged animals that butchered thousands of innocent civilians, assuring them of their civil rights under the law and protecting their right to court trial, and in fact guaranteeing them the opportunity to be free and kill again.

As a Muslim and a staunch advocate of the teachings of Koran to wipe out infidels from the face of the earth – referring to Obama, the only U.S. president in history that bows down to Muslim kings – Obama’s promised change of America includes his concept of justice reserved to Al Qaeda “deadly combatants” in America’s war on terror.

Obviously unpalatable to millions of Americans standing in the middle of the road towards the complete Islamization of America, Obama’s fork tongue has to lace this unusual legal overture with a flavorsome topping – and that is, giving captured terrorists their right to court is “a faithful adherence to the rule of law to bring criminals to justice …”

Obama spoke through his mouthpiece, Eric Holder, the incumbent Attorney-General:

“For over 200 years our nation has relied on a faithful adherence to the rule of law to bring criminals to justice and to provide accountability to victims …”

Unfortunately, this fossilized legal notion is only true to crimes committed in peacetime, thus under a different situation and in a different time, this protective statement for terrorists’ right to due process that was loudly announced with a constitutional sound byte is actually a manipulative blinder. It is not applicable to this war on terror … an unusual war that has no legal and moral boundaries, nor is it applicable to captured war combatants confined in military camps and their accomplices in this deeply driven religious war. In any war, combatants who committed crimes against humanity are tried in the International Court of Justice, not in American civilian court.

According to Obama’s error-prone mouthpiece, terrorist mass killer Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, architect of the 911 carnage who had already pleaded guilty and to end his ordeal under military custody begged to be hanged for his crime, and with the four other Guantanamo Bay detainees, were to be tried in New York’s federal court “with fairness and with justice”, in the words of Obama’s walking shadow. Speaking for Obama, the Attorney-General was certain that those captured terrorists were to be brought to the federal court in

New York for one purpose only — to be convicted. Holder boasted that he had seen evidence that is not yet public, more than enough to convict Khalid, et.al.

To many disquieted journalists like me who are watching this latest unfolding of events, there is no doubt that Holder, Obama’s confused legal ax man, has been infected and has become a carrier of political “oxymoronitist”. It is a political disorder caused by an over-active mouth or hyper-fork tongue engaged in non-stop oral conjuring. It comes from the root word “oxymoron”, an expression using words with contradictory meanings which causes wonderment, stupefaction or confusion that could drive anyone crazy.

For example, how could there be “fairness” and “justice” in the court trial of Khalid, et. al in

New York when they are brought there not to be tried but to be convicted?

Obama assured the public not to worry because … “these people will be convicted”. That’s putting a rope around the neck of the accused to hang them dead even before the trial begins.

It now appears that this court trial is just an excuse in this newly “Obamanized” mutant justice system for something else. My bet on that “something else” is for Obama to turn

America into a country of Islam!

The evidence is a fork tongue that shows the split sides of Obama’s vocal clapper: The first side praises “fairness” and “justice” for the benefit of Khalid et.al, while the other side mocks it.

Listen to this Obamalocology [as we know, the Latin word loco means crazy]: Justice means that the accused terrorists are guilty until Obama declares them innocent!

It is as simple as anyone may clearly see … those Islamic criminals headed by Khalid, are afforded justice for their barbaric misdeeds — Obama style. It is happening because Obama is in the process of changing

America into an Islam country.

Here’s how this analytical portrayal makes more sense: The accused are as guilty as Lucifer being punished in the fire of Hell for the rest of the fallen angel’s eternal life. If the court for some hellish reasons declares an acquittal for Khalid, et. al. who by wantonly blowing up bodies and buildings to smithereens were as guilty as Lucifer in Hell, would that be — in Heavens’ name [!] — justice?

Certainly it is not! But anyone able to wade deeper into Obama’s semantics or see through his rhetorical hocus-pocus would know what an ultimate oxymoron means, and would be aware of how Antichrist’s fork tongue leads the world to darkness … to Apocalypse or Armageddon that is vividly described in the Bible.

To try Khalid and his minions in a New York federal court — where the nation’s blood-soaked 911 ground zero appears as a permanent blot in the pages of history — is not only an extraordinary way of going banana but it is also going to be an extravagant waste of the nation’s precious time and limited resources. Of course this move is not only wasteful but also stupendously pointless!

Nonetheless, to millions of Obamanites, especially to those American Islam followers who are now members of Obama’s Cabinet as well as his Muslim entourage running the government, it is a good justification for Obama’s Islamization of America .

At this point in time, it is hard for the less sophisticated to figure out how radical Obama’s Muslim or pro-Islam Cabinet members could get in the present Islamization campaign conducted nationwide, especially when there is a challenge as to where their loyalty to the fatherland ends and treachery to the Stars and Stripes begins. This Islam-based socialist administration reminds me of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera. It’s political symphony is orchestrated, and on stage holding the baton is Obama.

We are not talking of the ordinary man in the street … but the President of the United States who, growing up as a Muslim in Indonesia, is now more determined than ever before to turn the country into what he wanted it to be – the new America in the Black Oracle fated to be the land of the invincible and all-powerful Islam God that Obama used to worship in a Muslim mosque in Indonesia since he was a boy carrying the name of Barry Soetero.

Until the flag of Islam officially rises above

America ’s skyline, Obama’s fork tongue continues to impact small and big decisions that millions of worried Americans make. Prominent among those subjective assessments and evaluations is the decision to either get out of this mess by doing something recommendable or regrettable, or getting out of the country before any earth-shattering event takes place or anything cataclysmic happens.

Doing a radical face-lift for this mightiest nation on the planet contrary to its founding to become what it is not supposed to be is more dangerous than attempting to disarm a misplaced megaton nuclear device or dirty bomb that dropped from the sky on November 04, 2008, the day Barack Obama — a.k.a. Barry Soetero — was elected President of the United States.

2010 is a year many clairvoyants hesitate to forecast — or I might even say frightened to honestly prophesize or foretell — what the year would turn out to be. I am not surprise why for the first time psychic seers are having this stage fright in going public with what they are looking at in their crystal ball, more so if they see that under Obama, 2010 is the year Americans are driving the nails in their own coffin. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS January 4, 2010.

The writer is an award-winning journalist. Know more about the author by reading his editorials and feature articles published in several websites or you may e-mail your comment to ed.superx722@yahoo.com.

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