[2] “Weaponized” Environmental Attacks: Hilary Misfired Slavery

In the National Democratic Convention in Denver, Colorado, misfiring slavery story for Obama pits Blacks against Whites. Americans get sick in their stomach imbibing poisoned flying debris of this kind in adversarial politics!

Slave masters with guns and dogs chasing runaway slaves to freedom, profiled the life of history’s only black candidate of a major political party for president of the United States. Black supporters with maddening expectations if not vengeance in their heart, geared for deliverance in Obama’s victory in the November 2008 election. edwin a. sumcad 09/08/08


To begin with, I hope Obama shuts up for a second, and stops mouthing poisons into the air and listen to this golden advice – Obama, Al Gore outside of the box, and Senate Majority top gun Harry Reid & Co. in Congress should snap out of it and wake up to reality, and stop, instead of intensify and aggravate, the nation’s financial hemorrhage on imported oil.

In the long list of opportunist politicians betraying our national interest for political expediency, the Left’s ax wielders in Congress are in a war-like trance as they hack their way through legislation to stop the flow of oil from the ground.

Under the magnifying glass of Literature, we see that these guys are in some kind of political stupor while romancing the stone, i.e., romantically, they would rather indulge in a noisy rant to preserve the trees and the rugged ridges, save a handful of birds, few herds of antelopes and caribous, some bears and plenty of snakes in the wilds of Alaska’s ANWR [Artic National Wildlife Refuge], than snap back to reality and stop the flow of revenue out of our tax money, to the enemy in the Middle East – a rare opportunity to save millions of Americans being nose-driven down the road to perdition.

To be in the side of Mother Nature that prevents the onward march of human progress, always sounds sentimental and amorous, this I know instinctively from where the human heart beats. I am a schooled litterateur in the art of literary criticism. My kind is classified as literary artists, if you may [and I beg your indulgence for whistle-blowing the tributary accolade that hanged on the wall] — to know that this truth about Nature’s moth-like attraction regardless of danger, cannot be denied.

Studies of literature and literary art show that literary artists can hear the rhythmic sound of the ocean that laps the shores more meaningfully than what the audience can deduce out of the great composition of the Opera, or see the grain and green of life and write about them in many exciting, intellectual and emotional ways, either in the sensual or erudite plane — in a spiritual dimension or in a deeper sublime consciousness — or at the tip of an inked quill ruminate the whispering voices of the unseen coming out from the hallow of blinding lights that love brings to life illuminating even the recesses of Hell … to society, to someone, or even to the dead and the dying if not to the living sinners that thirst for life, atonement and forgiveness.

For, the world of the abstract — the dimensional refuge of the human soul, the eternal abode of the intellect — is real … as real as the world of the spirit we can touch.

But in this sad case of opposition to oil-drilling for America, save the birds and let us die, sounds very sick to me. No one is in the position to appreciate the wonders of Nature when we are all meals to worms six feet below the ground.

During this recent "A Virus" outbreak otherwise known as "Avian Flu" or "Bird Influenza", protests against all necessary precautions were heard from avian conservationists: We may die of "Avian Flu", but please save the birds, don’t kill them or catch and burn them alive, it is not their fault that many have died because of them … same wet-bed philosophy of crocodiles in the swamp shedding tears to deceive and catch their innocent prey.

It is almost saying you can die, but save the birds, which is a badly misplaced heart-bleeding public overture coming from pissed off birdwatchers at a wrong time in a wrong place, even more so when their macabre protestation sounds like an insulting eulogy in the funeral of those who died of "Avian Flu".

It makes decent people feel very angry when the dead is disrespected and disgraced this way … especially those who died because others are too unreasonably impassionate in their pursuit to investigate imagined abuses of the environment.

What is tragic about it is that when the protesting mind’s eye is suffering some kind of emotional cataract, what they are seeing and warning about give the nation creepy sleepless nights, especially when we knew that they are recklessly viewing their crusade light years away from reality at the wrong end of the telescope!

Take for instance the scare that we are living in a dying if not already a deceased or expended planet because of toxic wastes. It is not only an idiotic air-polluting rubbish but also an avowal so rude, impolite and so disrespectful of the dead diseased birds had already kicked down head first into their grave.

In similar vein, hate Black Churches and Black Supremacists that see to it that the next president of the United States is Black, should stop polluting the air with the Doctrine of Yakub.[1]

Their poison is actively spreading at least to their audience in the Web.

In the National Democratic Convention held recently in Colorado, black delegates obviously connected to racist Black Churches if not followers of Malcom X or the Farrakhan gang in action, kept declaring in TV and radio interviews as if with a consummate vengeance: America behold …! Finally here comes Obama, a black man … the nation’s real, real "American Dream"! The rest are just facsimiles of pretentious American dream which to theangry Blacks is but America’s delusional dream.

And with heightened emotion, tears moistened the eyes of the interviewed black delegates. The audience interviewers and the emotionally charged MSNBC Liberal commentators in the anchor desk concluded that from now onward, Black’s history that begun in slavery in the South had ended in Obama’s nomination for president of the United States. In Colorado, Black’s history starts anew, with Obama as a dark-skinned icon of America’s socially, politically and economically disadvantaged.

With due respect, I have watched without blinking, the unfolding of the NDC television coverage, with unconcealed amusement. The chanting crowd was impassioned by Obama’s challenge of McCain. In the Convention, everybody felt so optimistic as if Obama has already been elected president of the United States!

But it was Hilary Clinton’s speech endorsing Obama as a black American success for president, that turned out to be most hilarious.

She told the audience this story of struggle and courage that described Obama’s life. Black slaves who escaped for freedom while running away were pursued by their masters with dogs and guns; they must keep going, she said, they must keep running and never give up, until they attain their quest for freedom.

That black escapee in the story who attained his freedom was Barack Obama! [You may giggle with mischief if you cannot avoid it while reading this piece this far.]

The only problem in this story that Hilary narrated to the audience was that, the pursuing masters with guns and dogs were Whites, and Hilary is White. The Whites that won’t let go and in fact pursued, whipped, slugged and killed black slaves include the likes of the Clintons’ ancestors in the South.

Just imagine Hilary a white slaver in the story, chasing Obama, the black slave running away from his masters with guns and dogs, in quest of freedom, and you have an anecdote that came from the sour icing of the Democratic Convention.

Hilary extolling Obama’s life story to high heavens in nominating him her candidate for president – the life of a black man her kind chased with dogs and guns to deny his freedom — is to say the least the same Hilary who voted for the invasion of Iraq then called the invasion illegal! Thanks goodness she did not make it to the Liberals' presidential nomination, but it was scary – she was almost a candidate for president of the United States!

For Obama, the "historic" Democrat black presidential nominee, it was a right story but wrong storyteller! [You can laugh but not that much to hurt your stomach. It hurt mine.]

While I got a kick watching this Clinton clowning in my TV screen, I spilled over a cup of coffee when my elbow shoved a plateful of spaghetti off the edge of the side table when in a spontaneous reaction I abruptly stood up and raised my arms in the air in total disbelief of what I was hearing from Hilary Clinton. Whether by inadvertence or intelligent design, Hilary’s metaphor showed a very poor historical grasp of slavery.

My wife calmed me down. My laughter she said, might have been harsh to Hilary, but it should not have been totally offensive to our newly bought prize oriental rug that after the accidental spill looked like an eyesore, so messy and disorderly, as if the Russian Mafia had just left our living room in rage!

The "Hilary Night" in the Colorado NDC gathering, was ecstatic. The august stadium was filled with reverberating chants and catcalls without let up for Hilary, as if she was the one who had been nominated for president and not Obama.

But the deafening voices of support were not real – it was just a false sound of adulation from Hilary supporters, not from the Democrats. In fact, Americans were viewing a bogus scene on national television.

It was a phony scene because if what the TV viewers saw was real, with such resounding admiration the Democrats should have nominated Hilary the candidate for president, not Obama. But since it was just a counterfeit, Hilary was good not as a candidate for president, but only as an endorser of Obama, the Democrat candidate for president.

This is what the Hilary standing ovation was all about. It has no connection to Obama’s "electability" in November.

Thus Hilary’s role while entertaining, was also tragic. I really joined those who felt sorry for her. She was "blacked out" [similar to blocked or edged out] by what many Americans believed a Kenyan-American candidate [see court case on Obama’s forged American natural born birth certificate] whose birthright and loyalty to the flag are even suspects, while the Clintons came from the generational lines of American patriots.

On the other hand, the black pollution – religious, ideological and political – in supporting Obama for president, is not only becoming loud and pervasive but also wild and uncontrollable. They madly trace the smell of victory in the November polls, like how bloodhounds nose-track the smell of blood of their quarry down to the first and last bite.

You can imagine the hysteria – the scramble, the spin, the pounding and swearing — out of pure joy in anticipation of the Black’s deliverance since Martin Luther King from what has been historically perceived as institutionalized racial discrimination and bigotry in a predominantly white society, when Obama is elected president.

But there is a huge problem – the black Yakub disciples in the Web kept on pounding the Media on reverse racism. They are poisoning the atmosphere with voter disinformation, claiming not necessarily out of history but out of hate, that in this world Whites are racial freaks, the accidental extension of Blacks, and I quote: "`grafted’ from black people 6,000 years ago by an ancient black scientist named Yakub, an experiment that went wrong." [2]

The belief in Yakub’s sacrificial killing and ritualistic murder was part of the early Nation of Islam doctrine now being played by, for and against, the Obama campaign.

Because of this, Obama’s suspected loyalty to radical Muslim supporters should be cleared from the air we breathe. Americans should neither get sick and die of political asphyxiation of this nature, nor perish through religious martyrdom, by electing Obama president of the United States.

As the above illustrations suggest, it is time for environmentalists and their political and religious parasites, as well as lovers of Nature who are farting loudly in public thus releasing foul air in the environment, to stop making a fool of America.

They have been attempting to fool Americans with their contrived out-of-line sentimental tear-jerking hocus-pocus about our bionetwork, let alone their hypocritical end-of-the-world pollution warnings on top of those wayward concerns over Mother Nature allegedly about to leave this world, making extinct dinosaurs out of this allegedly abusive and waste-abusing humankind in a doomed planet.

That’s Al Gore’s pitch! My pitch is, we will be extinct at the wink of an eye if we will not exterminate the birds that are deadly carriers of pandemic disease.

If these vicious attacks of the environment are treated with indifference and public apathy, as a vigilant sentinel of the Press it would leave me no choice but to write 30 at the end of my report — Requiem to Mankind.

It is this romantic madness over the love of Nature that opportunist politicians and religious freaks take advantage of, which threatens our immediate disappearance on the planet.

To alleviate our suffering and anguish, and survive the threat of human extinction just described — to outlive the rabid Avian population in the air and to escape from the bites of poisonous snakes at ANWR, to prevent those Bush-mosquito stings that spread this politicized West Nile Virus in the neighborhood, to neutralize gas pump bandits and save America from oil-propelled terrorist attacks — what we need is a political quarantine of the Obama contagion and his tribe of belching global warming gapers.

We can do it by writing down our choice for survival in the November ballot. Forget this Media baloney that this historic 2008 election is all about change … it is about survival!

There is too much political wastes littering the environment. Our surroundings are contaminated. The air we breathe is "weaponized".

The American public is hardly aware that the enemy within has a new WMD — verbal destruction of the environment that makes people sick to their stomach.

Millions of afflicted Americans may not recover from this kind of environmental contamination. It creates mental and emotional disorientation — hostility that widens the deep chasm of the great divide! As a disease-stricken nation, we could implode from within. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. NWS access September 08, 2008.

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