Democrat-Marxist State Legislatures Try To “Infringe” 2nd Amendment By Bypass Amendment Process

by Bruce Eden –

Following directly on the heels of the New York State gun ban implemented several weeks ago and signed into law by Governor Mario Cuomo–Il Duce the Second, on Wednesday, February 13, 2013, the New Jersey Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee took up 24 anti-Second Amendment bills on almost no notice to the public, which is illegal. According to gun rights advocates sources, between 700 and 1000 showed up at the hearing on almost a moment’s notice.   There were  so many people that the head of the State Police in the Statehouse issued an emergency demonstration permit to allow demonstrations outside the building. Inside the building, the Democrat controlled committee showed why we have no representation in Trenton’s government anymore.

Dozens upon dozens got up to testify and were limited to 2 minutes–on 24 bills. However, the anti-gun crowd was allowed to talk as long as they wanted.  Committee Chair Charles Mainor (D-Hudson), and black police officer,  as well as the rest of the Democrat-Marxists on the Committee committed Official malfeasance and Official misconduct, impeachable offenses, by violating their oaths of office to uphold, support and defend the U.S. Constitution by passing all 24 anti-gun bills in derogation of the United States Constitution’s Second Amendment “no infringement” clause.

All 24 bills were voted out of committee for a full vote before the Democrat-Marxist-controlled New Jersey Assembly.  If the bills are voted in, New Jerseyans will no longer have representation by their legislators. If the laws are passed, they will be in direct violation against the Second Amendment “no infringement” clause, as well as in violation of the recent U.S. Supreme Court Second Amendment rulings in Heller v. Washington, D.C. and McDonald v. Chicago, guaranteeing an “individual right to bear arms” for self-defense against criminals and government criminals. Yet, state legislators (who are Democrat-Marxists and support Obama) continue to try and pass unconstitutional laws that will be nullified immediately upon enactment, if not vetoed by Republican Governor Christie.  Well over One Million law-abiding gun owners in New Jersey will be deprived of their constitutionally protected rights to self-defense and right to bear arms, in what may happen against a tyrannical, rogue government in the future.

New Jersey has enough anti-Second Amendment gun control laws that do not work as it is to control criminals with guns. The only reason for these more draconian gun control bills is to harm law-abiding New Jersey gun owners and preventing them from their fundamental human and constitutional rights to self-defense against criminals and tyrannical government.

New Jersey gun control laws, as is the 1968 U.S. Gun Control Act was lifted verbatim from the 1938 Nazi Weapons Law, and/or parts thereof. This would make any politician, who took the constitutional Oath of Office, voting for these laws guilty of felony Official Misconduct, Treason and Sedition. More on this below.

Now Colorado’s Democrat-controlled house passed a recent flurry of Anti-Second Amendment bills, which again, is a violation of the United States Constitution, Federal law and state laws. The Democrat-controlled house will be passing laws that are null and void on their face. Washington State, Michigan and a few other Democrat-Marxist controlled states are following suit to ban firearms and violate the Second Amendment to try and abrogate it without the Amendment process.

These Anti-Second Amendment, gun control/gun ban bills are modeled directly from the 1938 Nazi Weapons Law. Notwithstanding the fact that New Jersey Assemblyman Mainor and the rest of the Committee that voted for the anti-gun laws were committing Treason and Sedition, witnessed by over 200 people in the room (only 2 witnesses needed to bring Treason & Sedition charges), it seems that the other states’ legislatures are also committing treasonous and seditious acts.  They are “drawing a line in the sand” to see if We the People are going to push back.  These Marxist-controlled legislatures have made a serious error in judgment.  This is one issue where Americans will push back. What these Marxists never learned in their public school (fool) system is that America is an amalgamation of former revolutionaries, anti-government people, cowboys, outlaws, and mobsters.   Good luck with trying to enforce unconstitutional laws on a public that has awakened to the attempted Marxist takeover.  There will be no compliance.

If government attempts to use brute force, they need to remember this–there are over 90 Million law abiding gun owners in the United States.  There are over 30 Million licensed hunters who know how to use rifles, pistols and shotguns.   That constitutes the largest army in the world and even dwarfs the Red Chinese Army of 3 Million soldiers.  So, if those naysayers out there think that We the People will have no chance against government troops or law enforcement SWAT teams, they need a reality check.   These leftist, statist naysayers forget the Resistance in France, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Russia, Holland and Italy against the Nazis.  The Nazis were well-armed, but as the Resistance killed off Nazi troops, they obtained their weapons and equipment.  Same for the Fillipino Resistance.  They brought the mighty Japanese Army to a standstill to the point that the Japanese were losing every battle to the Fillipino Resistance even before MacArthur’s return to the Phillipines in 1944.   Don’t tell me Americans are sitting ducks.  We know the territory and we outgun government by a large margin.

Here is the comparison of the 1938 Nazi law and the current and proposed New Jersey bills up for consideration. (The information was done through extensive research by researchers involved with the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership ( and published as “Gun Control-Gateway to Tyranny”):


1. Targeted ordinary citizen gun owners, manufacturers, and dealers, rather than criminals.

2. Required any private person to prove himself fine/“reliable” before being “allowed” to own a firearm. Card-carrying Nazis were exempt.

3. Presumed that gun ownership was a government-granted privilege, not a right.

4. Gave the government unrestricted power to decide what kinds of firearms could or could not be owned by citizens. Defines “hunting weapons” as a special class.

5. Forced all firearms manufacturers and dealers to obtain a government license.

6. Required all firearms dealers to record all sales and to turn over those records if the business closes. Allowed for police inspection of records.

7. Required all firearms to bear a serial number and maker’s or dealer’s mark.

8. Required all gun owners to identify where all firearms were in the house to allow for police or government officers to enter home and go right to the location of the firearms.

In The USA Recently

         Proposed N.J. law (A-3676) would require police/government inspection of gun owner’s residence and where firearms will be located.


1. Targets ordinary citizen gun owners, manufacturers, and dealers, rather than criminals.

2. Requires the citizen to declare, under penalty of and/or imprisonment that s/he is not barred under the law from acquiring a firearm.

3. Presumes that gun ownership is a government-granted privilege, regulated under the interstate commerce clause, not a right.

4. Gives government the power to decide what kinds of firearms can or cannot be owned by citizens. Introduced the “sporting purposes” test that was not defined either by law or regulation.

5. Forces all firearms manufacturers and dealers to obtain a federal license.

6. Requires all firearms dealers to record all sales and to turn over those records if the business closes. Allows for inspection of records by the Treasury Department’s Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATFE) Division. The U.S. and N.J. laws specify that the buyer of the firearm list his race.

7. Requires all firearms to bear a serial number and maker’s mark.

8. New law (A-3676) would require police/government inspection of gun owner’s residence and where firearms will be located.

The Department of Homeland Security is seeking to acquire 7,000 NATO-caliber “personal defense weapons”. These are the improperly designated “assault rifles” known as AR-15s. The DHS is asking for “select fire” firearms because they are “suitable for personal defense in close quarters”. The DHS is asking for magazines that have a capacity to hold 30 rounds of NATO rounds. If the DHS is considering these as “personal defense weapons”, why is the State of New Jersey seeking to deprive law-abiding residents of the same “personal self-defense weapons”? Why is a semi-automatic rifle and a 30-round magazine unacceptable for a civilian’s “personal defense”?

Since January 1, 2013 until today, February 11, 2013, over 276,200 guns were used in self-defense. At the same time, there were more than–73 accidental gun deaths, 1,456 gun homicides, 1,922 gun suicides, 5,181 traffic deaths, 4,244 poison deaths, 1,621 suffocation deaths, and 2,371 falling deaths. This information can be found on the website

However, the Democrats are “knee-jerk” reacting to the Newtown school shooting. Taking a step back, the Ft. Hood shooter, the Columbine shooters, the Aurora, Colorado theater shooter, the Virginia Tech shooter, Congresswoman Gabby Giffords’ shooter, and the cop-killer in California were/are all registered Democrats/Progressive Liberals. The Aurora, Colorado theater shooter was a staff worker on Obama’s campaign and an Occupy Wall Street participant.

So why is the liberal media always telling us that conservative NRA and other Second Amendment organization gun owners the “real danger”?

Based on the facts government is implementing the Nazi Weapons Law on state and federal levels, any politician and/or public official, who took the constitutional Oath of Office to uphold, support and defend the U.S. Constitution and N.J. Constitution, then implements, proposes, passes, legislates, administers or enforces ANY gun control laws that emanate from the Nazi Weapons Law, commits felony Official Misconduct, as well as Treason and Sedition.

It is incumbent upon all Americans to demand impeachment of any legislator who “infringes” upon the Second Amendment, or, if we still have a lawful government,  to vote against all of these Democrat-Marxists and their anti-gun measures because they do nothing to stop mentally deranged killers who got most of their weapons illegally, hence, depriving law-abiding Americans of their constitutional and human right to self-defense and right to bear (any) arms.

Bruce Eden

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