After 1,400 Years, Sunni And Shia Are Still Fighting: Let Them Fight It Out

by George Weir –

Texas:   In Texas the prevailing wisdom has been,  “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but if it is broke, fix it to last”.   Ever since the Saber rattling began over what Americans involvement should be concerning Iraq and the 1,400 year old war between the Sunni’s and the Shia’s my thoughts have been all over the map.  I’ve listened to all the commentators and Military leaders and listened with the intent of learning as much as possible of the pros and cons of American involvement, and I have come to this conclusion; America needs to get their own house in order before entering into a war that will never end.

I’m convinced that until the day that Jesus sets his foot again on “Mother Earth” the hatred and mistrust between the many faces of Islam will still be at war with each other, and after thousands of years of war, their will still be no winner.

In the year 632 with the death of the prophet Mohamed violence and oppression began to grip the Muslim world from Iraq and Iran, and through Egypt, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia also into Yemen and Afghanistan, and now the whole world is being threatened by their evil ideology of converting all people to the religion of Islam by violence and the sword.

This division between Sunni and Shia is the oldest in the Middle east, and as thousands of devotees join the fight, Jihadist al-Qa’ida on the Sunni side, and Hezbollah militants on the Shia side, these two factions are intent on changing the geo-political face of the entire middle east, and this war can never be solved by terrorist, and it’s doubtful if their could be any end to the blood-shed by any other means.

The war in the Middle East will never end, but, We in America and all those that love freedom around the world still have a chance for prosperity and mutual agreements that crosses all boundaries of religion, but, if caught up into a war which will surly take the lives of our sons and daughters, and at a great cost to our treasury would in no doubt cripple all hopes of seeing our national debt reduced and balancing of our federal budget, and these are a must, for our selves and the rest of the free world.

As for America the protection of (the Home Land) should be the first priority.  The American people deserve the right to feel that their borders are secure, and that their jobs are protected from illegal immigrants that are flooding the nation with each passing day.

The American people also must have the confidence that the taxes that they pay is not going for the purpose of propping up some foreign government ( which will turn on us) in favor of their cousins when in time of need and protection.

The American people also need to know that their religious freedom is protected, and that those very sacred held freedom of conscious beliefs are held in a sacred trust by their government, and their government in no way will interfere with their free exercise of such, and also that their freedom of speech on such matters will mot be infringed upon, and their long held traditions will also be kept and not trampled on by any race religion or any other outside interference.

Also the American people deserve to make use of all the resources such as Natural Gas and oil that are within the protection of the federal government.   The American people believe that the oil and gas which is within the borders of this great nation is theirs, and that this oil and gas should be used to keep us free from all imported fuels from those that wish our demise, and at some time an place will turn their weapon in our direction.  The American people understand that we are well and able to be self-sufficient in energy, and also we have the ability to be a exported of such resources, but, for the moment they seen no desire from the Federal Government to move forward, they seen no willingness from their elected officials to utilize this nations energy, rather the see only higher prices.

With the passing of each day, the American people are seeing more regulations heaped upon their backs.  And the middle class are seeing their income erode under the high cost of living.  The American people are aware of droughts, natural disasters and the effect that these will have on the cost of food and clothing, but, the American people are also aware of (Greed).

Now to the poorest of the poor, I believe the majority of them just wish for a job, which pays a living wage.   Yes there are many of the poor living of the government, But, at the same time we see many of the rich living of the government.  Most Americans don’t  mind the idea of helping those in need, but, to feed those that have never, and never will work leaves a bitter taste to those that pay their share.   I don’t usually call on the government to fix many things, but, only the government can say (NO) to those that feel that the government owes them a living.

When America gets it’s own house in order, and we once again regain respect from those that wish us harm, we might then entertain the idea of helping rid the world of those of evil intent, but, until then we have work to do.

Our military must be the military to be feared, our values must be the values that draw the best and brightest from all corners of the globe.  Our borders must be secure from those with evil intent, and ever American must be able to feel that he or she is important, and has a worth.

Yes, to liberate a nation from evil is noble, but when doing so, make sure that your house is in order, then, and only then can we make a difference.

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