The John Clark – Net & Radio Show – More On Revolution in Mexico? Illegal Alien Killers

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On America Betrayed this week: We will speak with an expert on the drug cartels and how they might cause a revolution in Mexico. To date 10,000 people have been killed by the drug cartels in the last year.

Our guest must be very cautious as Cartels have a price on his head and that is why we must call him Mr Z.

Also, on today’s show we will speak with an American father whose 14 year old daughter was raped, tortured and killed by being burned alive by an illegal alien. The officials in Monterey County, California released him after he was caught. Again, the rapist / murderer was then set free by Monterey County Officials in the corrupt court system and then he fled to Mexico only to come back a year later and commit the same crimes upon 12 year old. Hear the truth first hand here today.

Tune in wed to listen to this show and find out how courts could get away with this seething Hatred for the American people and families.

Tune in Wed Night ~ 2. August 2017 @ 9 ET ~~ 6 pm PT and every Wednesday ~ Be There or Be Unaware!

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